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I agree that I most certainly need to take a break from the LSAT, which I am. However, in the mean time I'm trying to work on logic or establishing validity. I've done numerous random worksheets online and in this course on validity and logic. 8/10, I'm getting the logic right as far as drawing valid conclusions and negating statements, drawing could be true and must be true inferences from the logic. However, although I am seemingly able to to identify the the valid and invalid argument forms when it's in its form (for example, A--->B, A--m--> B, etc.), I have a hard time consistently identifying them when I see them in REAL LR questions. Why is that? Almost every quiz I take on drawing valid conclusions, I pretty much nail it. But when it comes to the LR questions such as SA and MBT, or even parallel flaw/reasoning questions, I tend to get the answer wrong. Why is that? Is this normal?


  • Julia LJulia L Alum Member
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    That doesn't sound like a legitimate break :) If you really go cold turkey for a few days or more, you will be surprised how grateful your brain will be! But I do agree that working on fundamentals is very important. Everything builds from there.

    Do you mean you get them if you see them as symbols (A, B) as opposed to words and phrases that you need to translate? I think the identification of what the "symbols" are is its own skill that also needs to be worked on. English doesn't always want to fit nicely into A, B, and C. If you go really slow for a LR question, try to translate each idea into its own symbol. Then evaluate the logic behind the question.
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    Sorry but this doesn't sound like a break and based on you last few post I really do believe you need a BREAK. Not like a couple of hours away but more like a week or two without the LSAT taking up your time. Working on logic in order to improve your LSAT is still working on the LSAT. A break involves using your free time to hang out with friends, cook some bomb food, exercising, picking up a new hobby, traveling, playing video games, reading a book, watching a show, and etc. But even playing Sudoku to improve your logic reasoning I would argue is in violation of a real break. When you come back from your break, these logical indicators sessions might not be a bad place to start but for now please take some time away from this all.
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    Agreed. Take a break. I promise. In one week, you'll feel so much better. And these valid arguments will seem so simple. Take break. Talk to people. Tell someone how awesome they are. Take. A. Break. :)
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    Not a break... you need to unplug... No LSAT, no logic, no 7Sage... If it's too hard to do at home then go wander off into the woods and go camping for a week. Come back and tackle the areas of your fundamentals that you need to work on and then go from there. If you keep posting here we are all just going to keep telling you to take a break.
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    @"LSAT Determined" said:
    However, in the mean time I'm trying to work on logic or establishing validity.
    This is in absolutely no way a break :)

    Fallout 4 comes out today ... Go play that for 2 weeks solid and then come back and talk to us about validity (but no spoilers please!)
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    @Pacifico said:
    If you keep posting here we are all just going to keep telling you to take a break.
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