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Old LR Qs vs. More recent LR Qs

aaabbbcccaaabbbccc Alum Member
edited November 2015 in General 136 karma
As I am spending most of my time working on recent PTs for the December test, I have been solving some of old LR questions as well (I would consider PT 1-30 old).

After working on both, I think a conspicuous difference between old and newer ones is that old LR questions are not as tightly worded as new ones. I feel like old ones are cruder while newer ones are more refined in terms of their writing styles.

Assuming there are differences, I don't think they are about different flaws or different assumptions but more about different writing styles. I don't know if this is just me but I definitely spend more time reading/understanding old LR questions' stimuli than those of newer ones.

Do you guys think that there are any differences between old LR questions and newer ones? I would love to hear your opinions about this :D Thank you!


  • cjones76cjones76 Alum Member
    318 karma
    I would agree with you. When I attend BR calls there seems to be a general agreement about this as well. The new tests seem to have a more crisp writing style, but I think they also sometimes have better trap answers.

    I recently took PT 45 when I was primarily taking PT 60+ and I saw a huge difference in the writing styles. I had to reread many of the stimulus to understand what they were saying.

    Despite the differences in writing styles I don't think older PTs are a waste. They are still testing the same question types. You still have to be able to ID the flaw, find the assumption, etc.
  • aaabbbcccaaabbbccc Alum Member
    136 karma
    @cjones76 Yup! I definitely agree with you that those differences are not a waste. Thank you so much for your response :)
  • sean.marzsean.marz Alum Member
    181 karma
    @cjones76 said:
    I think they also sometimes have better trap answers
    So much this! Really reinforces the importance of knowing what you're looking for before heading into the question choices.
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