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When you have Group 3 and 4 together.

smg0011smg0011 Legacy Member
in General 20 karma
Hi guys,
When you come across a group 3 and group 4 indicator in the same sentence ("cannot" and "unless"), which rule do you use? e.g. the group 3 or group 4 rule. Basically, how do I react to multiple indicators from multiple groups in the same sentence?

I can't find the answer in my notes. I think it is somewhere in the core c. I don't know where.



  • KevinSageKevinSage Alum Member
    260 karma
    I usually use the group 3 rule

    Use this as an example: The dog CANNOT bark UNLESS it is outside.

    using group 3 rule: Negate the part that states that the dog CANNOT bark and put it in the suff. condition. Like so, Bark --> Outside (contrapositive is: /Outside --> /Bark)
  • DaveH162DaveH162 Alum Member
    221 karma
    Hey @smg0011

    Just pick one and keep the other indicator as a negation.

    For example, Jared cannot go to the park unless Kate goes.
    Using group 3 or 4, you will get /K-->/J or the logically equivalent contrapositive J-->K
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