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What time of day do you study? And do you study in big chunks or throughout day?

StopLawyingStopLawying Alum Member
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Really trying to get into a routine two months before test day. I usually do 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. I also sprinkle in some off days, around one a week. For those of you who study 5+ hours a day, do you study all at once or do you separate it into two chunks like me? Just curious.
Also, what time of day do you guys usually study? I find that my mind is much clearer in the morning. Studying in the afternoon/night is so damn hard since there are so many distractions from the day.
And lastly, what do you guys do to avoid distractions/interruptions while studying? Right now I leave my phone on airplane mode but I still usually check up some stock quotes/news once every hour or so. I really need to learn to just shut out everything, but it's difficult. Technology was suppose to make things easier but these days I feel it's a major burden/distraction.


  • lalafiggylalafiggy Free Trial Member
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    Make a phone jail!! Have a box or drawer where you put your phone in that's away from where you're studying. I usually turn my phone off completely and chuck it in another room if I really need to focus, but some people may find that radical lol. Earplugs could also be useful for concentrating.

    And yeah, I usually split up my days. I may PT in the morning or afternoon and then BR later in the day or even the next day. Not easy to sit still for more than 3 hours!
  • poohbearpoohbear Alum Member
    496 karma
    @lalafiggy LOVE the idea of a phone jail!! totally going to steal this idea. I've been keeping my on airplane mode too but find myself too easily distracted by that too.

    I usually find that I'm much more productive in the morning. But I'm very much a night owl too so it's really easy for my to stay up and do work then but I find that I'm not as productive. If I'm on my A game, I find that I could go a few hours of straight work and focus. I take little breaks here and there. If you have a hard time focusing-- check out the Pomodoro technique-- could help up your productivity (obviously change it up based on your needs)
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    Honey badger don't need no study regiment.
  • nicole08nicole08 Member
    edited January 2017 55 karma
    I too study best in the morning/early afternoon. Always warm up with a few questions and then take preptests early in the day (before 2). Studying is usually better in the morning. 4 hour blocks usually and then I can get some work done at night but find when I start repeatedly doing poorly to stop. If I am not energized or focused then it's best for me to rest than get discouraged.
  • stgl1230stgl1230 Member
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    I found it super helpful to take PTs on Saturday mornings around the time that I would be taking the actual LSAT. At first it was a total pain to actually wake up and work so early on the weekend, but about a month out from the test I started to panic a bit and buckled down. I would usually do a LR question or two before I started the PT just to make sure my brain was functioning.
  • whiteboardlwhiteboardl Member
    19 karma
    I'm forced to study only in the evening so i do that. Sometimes it serves me as the best time to study, sometimes like today, it frustrates the hell outta me.Gotta study since i don't have many options
  • camcam Alum Member
    349 karma
    I study throughout the day. I have a hard time maintaining focus for over 2hrs at a stretch (yeah...I'm working on that). When I'm on my game, I get in about 90mins before work, 60-90mins during lunch (I get a 2hr lunch break), and then 3-4hrs broken into 90ish minute chunks after work.

    I try to get at least one PT per week done on Saturday morning around 9AM going through my test day process. Same breakfast, same wake up time, same amount of caffeine, same amount of water, etc. Using that process helps me judge if I'm needing to use the bathroom during the test block. It does involve drinking less water the night and morning before the test, at least for me. I do that PT at a place that isn't home, typically the lounge at work, and am considering going to the library.

    As far as eliminating distractions, I try to limit the influence of the outside world. If I'm drilling questions from this site, I don't have Facebook open, my phone is on silent and face down, and if there are dogs barking or an external noise distraction-I put in ear plugs. If I'm doing a PT or drilling from a paper source, I turn off my computer monitor and speakers, and then do the same thing with my phone.

    If you're finding that you get distracted easily, it might be beneficial to take more breaks. If you can convince yourself that in 60, 90, 120, etc minutes you can do whatever you want, I think you'll be more likely to be focused during that block.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27725 karma
    I went about it the other way around. I study best at night, but I adapted my schedule for mornings since the test is in the morning. If that's when you study best, great! Take advantage of that. Try to go through your whole morning routine and "report" for studying just as you will report for the test. Treat every day as a mock test day. Having this routine down was a tremendous help for me on the real thing.
  • astreet5143astreet5143 Member
    edited July 2020 3 karma

    I've found that I study best in the morning. I swear, for the first two months I was studying, I was all over the place. I've gotten a lot better by studying in the morning. When I was studying in the afternoons, I was hitting PT scores of 139. I was freaking out. I started studying in the morning a few weeks ago and, recently, I've hit a PT of 150-153. Trying to dig myself out of this plateau before the August LSAT. Right now, I studying between 4-6 hours a day and I cut each section into maybe two hours. (i.e. LG for 2 hours and LR for 2 hours) I do NOT do all three sections a day! For me, that resulted in serious burnout and meltdowns. So, now, I focus on about two sections a day. I always involve LG, because that is where I need the most work.
    To all of those who took the July LSAT recently, I'm sure you crushed it just as much as the those who took it in past months! And, to my fellow August FLEX takers? We've got this!

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