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Law School August 2014- GOAL

tigerheart3tigerheart3 Alum Member
edited April 2014 in June 2014 LSAT 10 karma
I got a 137 on my first score February 2013, then I spent hundreds of dollars in Kaplan Prep Course and took the LSAT again in October 2013 and my score was a 138. My timing was really off. I was making it through to 15 and averaging 11 out of 15. Now with months of practice I am averaging 71 percent complete in LR section. Idk what else to do. My goal is to get into Law School in August 2014. Please someone help me. I can't afford another $600+ course -Desperate but Ambitious young mom


  • cmscott12cmscott12 Alum Member
    23 karma
    The first thing you should do is readjust your goal of matriculating in 2014. The deadline for the vast majority of schools has already passed and you will be MUCH better off to wait a cycle and re-take the LSAT.

    You should really be shooting for a 155+ to give yourself options. It is completely feasible for just about any person to achieve that score. Plus, you only have one more LSAT that you can take so this next one has to count.

    I don't care what anyone says, there is no rush to go to law school. You will never hear a lawyer that's been practicing for 20 years say: "Man, I wish I had gone to law school one year earlier."

    You don't need expensive courses. Pony up the $180 for the 7Sage Starter course and do that. The potential return on investment on that $180 could be in the range of 1000% if you really put in the work.

    Good luck.
  • FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Alum Member
    119 karma
    The best advice I can give is relax until the score roles in...meaning place more emphasis on content and FULLY understanding the LSAT...and I do agree that there is NO RUSH to go to law school...
  • ArchiebootsArchieboots Alum Member
    155 karma
    Wow I hope you asked for a refund from Kaplan because clearly they were of no help to you. I agree with all of the above, there is no need to rush it - actually it will hurt your performance if you are thinking "this needs to be it, now or never". Can you tell me how much you score in each section on general? What your weaknesses are?
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