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[Test Center Review] Arizona Summit Law School Phoenix, AZ

cverdugocverdugo Free Trial Member
Proctors: The proctors were great! The main proctor was actually one of the admission counselors for the Law School. She gave a nice little icebreaking speech about the tests’ importance and why cheating could ruin all of our hard-work. I have heard horror stories where the proctors at schools will constantly try to recruit the people taking the test but there was none of that here; very professional. 5/5

Facilities: Arizona Summit is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, but the unique thing about the school is that it located in the top half of the building it is in. So the room where we actually took the test was located on the 17th floor. You do have to go through a security guard to get into the building but he basically just waved me through. 5/5

What kind of room: The testing room was actually one of the classrooms. Spacious room will long rows of desks arched through it. The view was incredible but I can see someone who isn’t really fond of heights maybe being a little queasy. 4/5

How many in the room: Honestly I wasn’t really paying attention to the other people in the room but I would say there was approximately 40 people in there. I know the classroom next door was administering a test as well.

Desks: The desks were perfect for the amount of people we had. They were more like long tables than desks. They put a space between everybody so there was enough room to stretch and have twenty pencils around you. 5/5

Left-handed accommodation: This didn’t seem to be an issue. I am left-handed but I was seated in the middle of the long-table-desks so I was perfectly fine. 5/5

Noise levels: This was my biggest fear going into desk day and I was so relieved I didn’t have a noise problem. The proctors did not speak with each other or do anything distracting during the sections. Also since we were on the 17th floor street noise was non-existent. 5/5

Parking: The biggest negative of this test center. Being that it is located in downtown Phoenix finding parking was the worst. I actually e-mailed the school before test day asking the best place to park and they gave me directions to a parking garage. The morning of the test there was an event going on downtown and the parking garage was full (I was an hour and a half early.) -____- Downtown has so many streets where you can only go one way, so you have to go down extra streets to get to the spot you need to go to. I found a garage 2 streets away but had to pay 14 dollars to park. 1/5

Time elapsed from arrival to test: I arrived to the test pretty early but the good thing was they didn’t have you sitting around in some random lobby. They were prepared and checked everyone in as they came and led them to their testing room. I just soaked up the view and made small-talk with the other early students. 5/5

Irregularities or mishaps: One BIG SCARY problem almost occurred but it turned out not to be a problem at all. 30 minutes before the test was about to start a big helicopter flew into downtown and was just hovering like two blocks from our building. It was so loud. People began to get nervous because it didn’t leave until 5 minutes before the official time. N/A

Other comments: During break time they had a little lobby where they had a table full of snacks (chips, crackers, cookies) and water bottles. It was very thoughtful! 

Would you take the test here again?
YES! YES! YES! (Shout-out to the now retired Daniel Bryan.) Actually thinking about taking in June and will be picking this center. This was a re-take for me and this center was such a huge improvement from my first time (review to come soon).


  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma
    Awesome! I had to go know a tour just to see the classrooms for LSAT testing, and it looked perfect.

    I was going to test here in October, toured it to be safe and when I walked out to confirm mybseat it was gone!!

    A great lesson for people to put the center you want to visit in your cart! It stays there for 24 hours.

    This is the place I want for June. Thanks for the review!
  • mcstone2001mcstone2001 Free Trial Member
    1 karma
    I took the LSAT here in June 2016 and have zero complaints.

    The proctors were very professional. An assistant dean was the main proctor, and had two recent graduates assist with passing out exams and observing for cheating. Things happened on time. They were forgiving of little irregularities, like the girl who accidentally tore her answer sheet, and the guy who walked in seconds before they started reading instructions. All proctors were very friendly and helpful, and this is about as far away from a horror story as you can imagine.

    Facilities were clean and adequate, with easy restroom access. Desks were long tables with spaces between each person, and there was plenty of room to spread out. Chairs were comfortable, even for somebody who is finnicky about those sorts of things like me. The classroom had a clock available and easily viewable (but definitely bring your own watch if you have one). The room was a little chilly, comparable to a cold movie theater, so people who get cold will want a light sweater. The temperature wasn't ridiculous.

    They did not provide snacks and drinks like a previous poster indicated. The one complaint I have is that they wouldn't let any snacks at all in a non-transparent container. I had one of those squeeze pouches of applesauce, and they wouldn't let me bring it in. People were required to remove labels from water bottles. It seemed ridiculous, but I'm not sure if this is a quirk of the testing center or an LSAC thing (a previous administration at a different location didn't seem to be so strict, but my memory might be faded).

    They did invite all interested parties to ask questions about Arizona Summit, but I didn't feel like it was pushy. The school hosted an after party at a popular nearby bar/bowling rink, which was free to all test takers. I didn't attend, but it was a nice gesture.

    I scored well enough on this test administration that I don't have to retake, but if I did, I would absolutely do it at Arizona Summit. It was way better than ASU where I had taken the LSAT previously. If anybody reading this is wondering, this is by far the best place to take the test. I would even go so far as to suggest changing your testing location if you can.
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