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[Test Center Review] University of North Georgia, Gainesville, GA

MConner16MConner16 Member
edited February 2016 in Test Center Reviews 78 karma
Proctors: There were three proctors. They were all amazing, one of them didn't talk at all, just helped pass and collect supplies, I think while the test was going on he sat in the back of the room, but I was so far in the front I couldn't tell.

Facilities: The facilities were nice. There were vending machines, and several different bathrooms.

What kind of room: A lecture hall with amphitheater style seating

How many in the room: there were approximately 30 test takers there, however there was seating enough for at least 100

Desks: Large table style desks, with such limited amounts of people we were each given the equivalent of three student spaces, so there was more than enough room for all of my supplies without having to feel confined.

Left-handed accommodation:

Noise levels: Unfortunately I was getting over a bad cold so I was the one coughing every few minutes but other than that there were no noise distractions

Parking: Parking was approximately 25 yards form entrance of building, and right inside the entrance was the set up for the test. It couldn't have been easier to get to.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: It took about an hour to get everything situated and for the test to begin

Irregularities or mishaps: none

Other comments:

Would you take the test here again? absolutely
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