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[Test Center Review] Hofstra University, Hempstead NY

jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
Proctors: No issues, they knew what they were supposed to do and weren't unprofessional

Facilities: Law Building - Everything was clean, wasn't over crowded while waiting to go to the rooms and the bathrooms were clean.

What kind of room: Lecture Room

How many in the room: From last Feb so dont remember but probably around 60?

Desks: 3 sections of long desks (think movie theater) with people seated every other chair allowing for plenty of room for your test booklet, answer sheet and pencil army.

Left-handed accommodation: As stated above it was long desks with spaced seating so (while not left-handed personally) I'd imagine there were no issues

Noise levels: Standard test taking noise level... some coughing/sneezing but no unexpected disturbances really. I think there may have been a AC issue that made a little noise every once in awhile but not something that would be a consistent issue nor was it super noticeable

Parking: adequate, I found a spot pretty quickly and close to doors. I could see having a issue if you aren't too early but looked like there was plenty of parking a min or two walk away

Time elapsed from arrival to test: Got there a little early but compared to listed start time we started maybe 20-30 minutes later

Irregularities or mishaps: One kid had special accommodations (don't know specifics) but made sure no one had a problem with him being in room (no one did) and sat in the top row alone and didn't cause any issues. Other than that went fine.

Other comments: Was definitely a great place to test (assuming other rooms had similar experiences) I had no issues, everything went smoothly and we had nothing that may have affected anyone's testing. Had all the room I could want and more to get comfortable with my testing area. I would most definitely recommend Hofstra as a TC to those in the area.

Would you take the test here again? Yep, I tried but they don't administer June tests so couldn't take it there my second go :/

Feel free to message/post any questions regarding the facility and such
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