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2016 Law School Rankings

NYC12345NYC12345 Alum Inactive Sage
edited February 2016 in General 1654 karma
U.S. News is going to release the new law school rankings on Wednesday, March 16th.


  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma
    Any predictions on changes? I think ASU might crack the T-25 they're doing a lot of things to increase job employment post graduation and have really been pushing higher LSAT. If they don't make the jump this year, in sure they will next year with the new building and recruiting initiatives. Any other school predictions?
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Legacy Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    @stepharizona I think you may have a bias, stephARIZONA! Kidding :]. Really looking forward to see the new rankings.
  • kennedybjkennedybj Alum Member
    697 karma
    I hope W&L goes up. I think they had a really good year last year, almost beating UVA in bar passage rates, as well as a good increase in employment rates
  • AlejandroAlejandro Legacy Member Inactive ⭐
    2424 karma
    UDC is breaking the T-14, I'm telling you.
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I think some of the ties in the T25 (2, 4, and 8, 20, 22) will disappear due to the hits that different schools had to take to their LSAT medians. I think Stanford and Berkeley both drop since they took hits across the board.
  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma
    Ha no I was actually looking at UofA about 10 years ago as they were much higher ranked then ASU... But ASU has been playing the number game really hard. For example, in their new law school building (which is gorgeous btw) they are opening a law firm that will pretty much do all bonobo work for the community. Sounds like wow really giving back...

    BUT the program pretty much guarantees any ASU except graduate a law job so their employment stats will skyrocket which is a huge thing for ranking. Then even talked about this in their law day, as a way to help new graduates start their law careers.

    I was at the UofA table when someone asked them if they had anything comparable to offer their students and the UofA rep went on and on about how ASU was manipulating their rankings... And they pointed out how ASU had been doing it stating yet was the only reason they ranked higher than them... Which is ironic considering that UofA is taking the GRE allowing them to take the best LSAT scores... they playing with their own ranking

    It's so interesting how the schools try to protect and raise their numbers. One can only hope this really does translate to a higher quality education... But...

    As for me hopefully I'll be at a T-14 in 2017 (and ASU isn't making the big of a jump) but you know, I don't think I'd turn down a full ride with no GPA requirement from there.

  • kennedybjkennedybj Alum Member
    697 karma
    The more I look at the metrics for how they make these rankings, the more I like the ATL rankings better
  • 349 karma
    Wustl moves ahead of vandy and Alabama cracks top 20 are my predictions. Also cornell goes up to 11 or 12.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly Member Sage 🍌
    25640 karma
    Everything @Pacifico said, plus Iowa breaks away from the pack at the 4-way tie at #22 by using GRE applicants to up their LSAT median.
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