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Prep Test as a group in Los Angeles

E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
edited April 2014 in General 377 karma
Hello fellow 7sagers!
I would like to organize a group prep test. Basically, get together in a quite area and take the test as a group to simulate testing conditions.

If anybody is interested let me know ASAP so I can begin looking for a good place.



  • Rochellehiggins89Rochellehiggins89 Alum Member
    3 karma
    Hi! I am interested. I stay in San Diego, but I'm in LA often. I'm usually there during the week though and not on the weekend... Idk if that helps, but let me know! I'd be interested in joining!
  • ttttjjjjttttjjjj Alum Member
    24 karma
    I am very disappointed at you. I have been contacting to set up the meeting but you have never been really settled to do so. I have all of my plan fell apart because you have canceled on me. I just wanted to share my frustration with people. I am still looking for the studying group who are really responsible and dedicated. Erick never wanted to do the full test and review on the same day or soon. I need someone who is more willing to and able to take on the heavy schedule. Whoever interested in please message me.

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