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Polishing up my skills in order to succeed come June 6th

AddistotleAddistotle Member
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Hello again

So, still stuck in the 165-169 window after 6 full PTs with an extra section added into the first 3.

My highest LR priorities given my analytics are

Flaw/Descriptive Weakening (1.2)
I was unfamiliar with the flaws and their manifestations

RRE (1.0)
was not grasping the nature of the issue, thereby not being able to find something that would actually explain it

PSA (0.9)
wasn't treating them enough like SA questions, and often skipped these

MSS (0.8)
forgot to see what was actually supported by the stimulus and making massive assumptions in my ACs

NA (0.7)
forgot to bridge/block

So, after my PT last weekend I stepped back and reviewed the relevant curriculum and webinars in order to give myself a refresher, and I will start drilling LR sections during my lunch breaks and after work on the days I'm not doing a PT/BRing.

Any thoughts about this and/or advice would be greatly appreciated


  • ajcrowelajcrowel Free Trial Member
    207 karma
    I've been in the shadows on these forums for a while now and I want to give my two cents.

    I've been studying for this test for about 16 months now (off and on) and doing so intently (20-30 hrs a week) since December. I plateaued in the mid 160's in December and was able to get 167-171 consistently in February. Now I'm scoring consistently 176-179 and I think I've learned some things. Everyone says drill is key and that's true, but it doesn't capture the whole scope of the "167" problem. My roommate (now scoring as well as I am or better) have isolated mistakes in terms processes rather than question types. While it's true that type dictates processes my guess if that if you're scoring in the mid/high 160's you already have a good feel for the mental work that goes into each question type. You'll miss questions not because you think about them wrong, you just don't hone in on the "right thing" fast enough or at all. (Hey I was there for a long time too).
    What really brought my scores up into the 170's was reading. I'm not referring to RC drill. I mean comprehensively understanding complex information in a specific and appropriate way. In LR your reading skills will make you or break you with a 170+ score. I would focus heavily on going through questions and eliminating answer choices SOLELY biased on stimulus wording. This will (1) get you in the habit of reading for structure and thus understanding the "argument engine" and (2) save you time. It takes time to think, it takes less time to read. Now I finish LR sections with 4-6 minutes on the clock and haven't missed more than 3 (out of two sections) in over 10 prep tests.
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