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Why aren't LSAT'S under the umbrella of Fair Use?

LSATKingsmanLSATKingsman Alum Member
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The requirements could easily be met to satisfy Fair Use prerequisites.

Seems to me all we need to say is that we aren't taking the tests, but reviewing them for educational and learning objectives.


  • Micaela_OVOMicaela_OVO Alum Member
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    Completely random, but do you go to UT? I noticed the url! That's my alma mater, so I got excited lol.
  • KaturianKaturian Free Trial Member
    32 karma
    What is your question?

    The LSATs are copyrighted works.

    If you were to post up to 10% of one PT (Factor 3), you could probably claim "fair use" if the other 3 factors are met.

    Posting entire PTs is a clear copyright violation...
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