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Am I ready?

bt.prattbt.pratt Free Trial Member
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Hey all,

I'm debating right now on how I should approach the June 2014 LSAT. This will be my first time taking the test and I'm currently in study mode. Most days I study for a minimum of 5 hours a day, 8-9 if I don't have a long day of work. However, I've been debating as to whether or not I should postpone taking the LSAT until September 2014 and I would like a second opinion on whether or not this is worth doing.

My goal score is a minimum of 164 with a high expectation of 170. My scores on my original untimed practice tests (used for making sure I understood the material and how each question worked in detail) would land anywhere between 165-172. My current timed scores are 160-161. My test is June 29th, (I believe this date may be different from others as I'm taking the test in Taiwan) leaving me six more weeks of prep time. I take one new practice test every weekend, followed by a review of the practice test. I also do two reading comprehension articles each day, speed reading drills, one timed LR section, and numerous LG's.

Based on this information, do you think it's possible to reach the desire score in the allotted amount of time? Or should I put on the brakes for the test, postpone until September, and give myself more time to prepare?

Thanks, everyone!


  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
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    It should be ok, especially if you are content with 164 (an increase of 3-4 points). I guess it might depend on how you're progression has been so far (i.e. how long you've studied and the trajectory of your progression), but should be doable. Worst scenario, you can always postpone if dissatisfied with your score level.
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