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Help if Member.

rasaluja1rasaluja1 Alum Member
edited May 2014 in June 2014 LSAT 57 karma

So there are 23 days left until the June LSAT.

I have been scoring around 160-165 on PTs.

Do you think this website will help me raise my score 5+ points? I'm not sure if an investment in the online class is worth it if it won't help increase my score significantly.

Thank you!
- Rahul


  • NellysLSATNellysLSAT Alum Member
    186 karma
    I think a private tutoring session with Jonathan can help you quickly pin point your trouble areas and get you there because you are doing well already. the program is amazing it can definitely help. it will be up to how much you can take away from it in these days before the test.
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited May 2014 3658 karma
    @rasaluja1: To be honest, you probably aren't gonna see much of a point bump at this stage in the game. 5 points is a large variance, especially when you're talking about the score going up rather than down. Unless you "crack" one of your weaker sections, it'll be a tough prospect. It certainly wouldn't hurt to check out all of JY's lessons. I think all of the lessons are about 70-75 hours in total. You may see a certain approach that you haven't thought of.
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