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Expected Improvement with 7Sage?

mandy xumandy xu Alum Member
edited May 2014 in September 2014 LSAT 54 karma
I started some preliminary LSAT prep, and on my diagnostic, I'm currently -5 on LG, -6 on LR, and -4 on RC. I know it's not great, but if I do the full course, is it gonna give me the bump I need? I know not a lot of programs do small bumps in each section easily.


  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    You will get that -5 in LG FOR SURE!
    Actually 7sage improves everything, so if you're looking for a bump or even a leap, 7sage is it.
    although i think you're killing it already.
  • LSATluverLSATluver Alum Member
    28 karma
    -5 in LG you should definitely be able to whittle away. I started -8(!) on LG and now I rarely miss more than 1 or 2 questions. You can definitely raise the LR as well. 7sage has an amazingly comprehensive and rigorous method for attacking each of the LR question types. Once you understand how truly formulaic the processes are it will make LR much clearer for you. As for RC, you can surely improve, but it is relatively more difficult to improve than the other sections (in my experience), especially if you're already only missing 4 questions.
  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
    edited May 2014 97 karma
    7sage is amazing - I've jumped from a 148 timed diagnostic to a 165 - my blind reviews are around 173. Their approach really works, particularly for the games and LR.
  • Mattie212Mattie212 Alum Member
    edited May 2014 51 karma
    Buy the full course. It's an investment that can pay off in the form of scholarships and getting into a better law school. Obviously results vary person by person, but if it gives you any idea of how well this course works, I started at a 159 initial diagnostic and am now scoring around 173-175. And with test date being 2 weeks from tomorrow, I never thought I'd be excited to take it!
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    @Mattie212: I sincerely hope that excitement maintains. :)
  • alexanderalexander Alum Member
    81 karma
    After reading powerscore bibles / before 7sage: low 160's
    Shortly after finishing 7sage lectures: high 160's
    After Few months doing PTs: mid 170's

    7sage's Logical Reasoning helped me soooooo much
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    I'm still waiting to hear a negative review for 7sage... Has anyone seen one?
  • pritisharmapritisharma Alum Member
    477 karma
    Can someone share their experience with the full course, I am considering upgrading. What can I expect (apart from what is stated in the course details)
  • vandyzachvandyzach Free Trial Member
    358 karma
    Well, Al D, some asshole did give 7sage 4 stars out of 5, so there's that lol
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    This gives me so much hope! I'm looking to purchase a package too. Is getting more than the starter worth it?!?
  • Allison MAllison M Alum Member Inactive Sage
    edited August 2014 810 karma
    The biggest difference between the three packages is the number of problem sets, PTs, and question explanations that are included. I bought the Ultimate, reasoning that it was still much less expensive than any other course on the market. I haven't regretted it. If you decide to go with the Starter option, you might want to factor in the price of buying additional PTs -- 9 probably isn't enough.
  • AliasIncAliasInc Alum Member
    18 karma
    I began with the Starter very recently just to see if it was for me. As stated by Allison, compared to other programs I was considering it was peanuts and worth it just to give it a try. I'm sold and will be upgrading to get the full study experience via the Ultimate, as I'm already ready to add on the extra questions/lessons.
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    I also upgraded to the Ultimate package. You get around 36 full PT's with video explanations for every question. Pretty sick. :D
  • titaniumtitanium Alum Member
    86 karma
    Trust 7Sage and everything will be alright. That is all I can say.
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