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To Read or not to read reading comp questions beforehand

Mr.lopezMr.lopez Member
edited August 2016 in Reading Comprehension 172 karma
I know there has been various threads on this. I was just curious to see what are peoples thoughts on their success with either not reading the reading comprehension questions beforehand or not.

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  • Matthew524Matthew524 Member
    651 karma
    I dont read the questions first and I believe JY recommends the same thing.
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    I wouldn't read them first. It is hard to keep those questions in your head AND remember what you're reading at the same time.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27853 karma
    Yeah, I read the passage first. You can often anticipate many of the questions though. There are certain questions they ask with high frequency, so you should definitely be reading with some potential questions in mind; and even on detail questions, you can start to kind of suspect the things they might ask about. The more RC I've done, the better I've gotten at correctly thinking to myself "I bet they're going to ask about that."

    The only thing I do that might kinda approach this would be in the CR passages, I do work through the questions after reading Passage A. So as I read Passage B, I've read the questions, but normally the nature of CR questions doesn't really lend itself to this being particularly useful.
  • zanqvi861zanqvi861 Alum Member
    73 karma
    I would think that one would end up forgetting the questions or miss important details in the passage just because I was trying to focus on both the passage and the questions! Cant get Right is correct as well though, because you know for a fact that you are going to get a What is the Main point of the passage question, might get a what function does a certain paragraph play, and author's tone questions. So as long as you read keeping these things in mind you should be good :)
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma
    @Mr.lopez said:
    Admin edit: Please don't use all caps in titles, I don't like to be yelled at.
    @"Dillon A. Wright" LOL thanks to you, whenever I see YouTube titles in all caps I say to myself, "come on, can't you get your point across without the caps?"
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    This has been discussed a few times, and the answer is usually "it's not worth it."
    First off, you're probably going to forget the questions by the time you reach them. With LR it's easy to do - you're presented with a single question for a single 3-7 line stimulus.
    Second, the questions on RC are incredibly repetitive. You probably already know half of them before ever reading them.
    Third, refer back to the first're likely going to end up rereading them. So, why waste a minute doing so the first time?
    Fourth, and most important, you'll start "looking for answers" instead of reading for reasoning structure.
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