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Do we need to use other prep tests to supplement the LSAT Ultimate?

dictronic110dictronic110 Alum Member
edited June 2014 in General 67 karma
In other words, is going through the whole course and the 35 prep tests enough to realize one's maximum potential? Is it necessary to do other earlier prep tests under timed condition? Also, after blind review, is it necessary to do the tests repeatedly?


  • cole.w.murdochcole.w.murdoch Alum Member
    228 karma
    I really think this comes down to individual experience. If you have a goal of 165 and are constantly achieving that by the time you are well underway of your PT's I don't think you need to find more tests to do. Also make sure that you are Blind Reviewing properly and going through curriculum that didn't 'click' the first time you were taught it. I don't know if doing the whole PT again after Blind Review is necessary, but I would definitely put those questions you got wrong into a pile and do them in a timed setting once you forget the right answer.
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