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Post Syllabus Study Approach

rcscogginsrcscoggins Legacy Member
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Hi Folks,

So I'm currently in that fun period where I've finished the curriculum and have been working my way through 3-4 months worth of prep tests. I've found the analytics are really helpful in determining where I'm lacking. I'm trying to determine how you make the best of that information. I work full-time so I don't have as much time as a student might, but I attempt to take 3 prep tests a week. I do my BR, go through my missed questions at that point, and then try to shore up my weaknesses. I don't have unlimited time- so determining how to make those weaknesses less soft is what I focus on.

How do others do this? Do you review old curriculum and drill? I've been reviewing in the curriculum on my weak points and running through a few drills, but I find my lackluster performance in these same weak areas goes mostly unchanged with the next prep test. Is there a specific way I need to approach addressing these weaknesses?

Also another factor is I take awhile to BR. For example, Games are really really hard for me. And despite the extensive games curriculum with this course I find I still only get to two games in a test so my BR is basically me redoing half of the games section. When I BR I often times can figure the other games out if I sit down and work through it without JY's video, It just might take an hour or two to get through it all. So for areas like that where I am struggling- I know the curriculum, I've drilled games before (because all games are the same right?) but I know that I'm weak in something like In/Out Seq games, or something like that. How do you go about addressing those weaknesses for yourself? Do you have a different method for LR or other sections? My Flaw/Method Reasoning questions are my biggest weakness and I review the curriculum and drill those but find that the performance is unchanged.

Any help that can be provided is most appreciated, thank you.


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