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Every question I mark for BR, I actually got right the first time!

DallasOnFireDallasOnFire Member
edited September 2016 in General 249 karma
Hi folks,

On average for a single Practice Tests, I will have a combined 5-7 questions marked for BR on Logical Reasoning. I have now reached the point where every single time I mark something for BR, I actually got it right the first time. The good news is that upon BR, I agree with my first answer so at least I am consistent.

The bad news is that every single question I get wrong I don't even mark. So the issue is I that I'm ignorant of what I'm getting wrong. I'm scoring fairly highly (high 160's - low 170s) but this pattern is starting to bother me. Does this mean I am plateau'ing or reaching my ceiling? I will say that most of the time my wrong answers are due to misreading or falling for easy traps that are pretty easily understood once I actually look at the question, granted this is with the hindsight of having seen the answer key and knowing that my answer choice is wrong.

What do you think?

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