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[Test Center Review] University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

yimeiyimei Member
edited September 2016 in Test Center Reviews 138 karma
Proctors: Three nice ladies. They followed the rules strictly.

Facilities: Mason Hall and some students were in an Angell Hall auditorium

What kind of room:Large classroom with long tables,

How many in the room: more than 40

Desks:Big long tables, more than enough place for you to lay out your materials

Left-handed accommodation:I don't know, I'm not left-handed

Noise levels:Generally quiet, though people upstairs moved their chairs and caused some noise for a few minutes.

Parking: I don't drive

Time elapsed from arrival to test: Less than 30 minutes

Irregularities or mishaps: no

Other comments: Very cold air-conditioning, so remember to bring a jacket; You cannot go to the bathroom once you've checked in

Would you take the test here again? I hope I don't need to take the LSAT again...But yea if I am going to take the Dec one.

Date[s] of Exam[s]:Sep 24 2016
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