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Weighing my options, and would love some feedback!

abby.lu2017abby.lu2017 Alum Member
I received my score, and I'm a bit disappointed. It's two points below my expected score, and three below my most recent PT average. This score is 4 points below the 25% of my reach, and 1 point to 3 points above the 25% of schools i know I'll be satisfied with.I know I wouldn't be able to see a significant increase if I take December, because I'm writing my thesis right now and that takes up most of my time. Here are my options:

1. Apply to internships/jobs and wait to retake in Sep 2017. Then apply Fall 2018. There are a couple of drawbacks for this option: I'm an international student, and finding a paid internship/job is not the easiest thing, especially because I hold a liberal arts degree in the social sciences. If I have to apply while being unemployed, it will be a bit financially difficult for both my parents and me. I am also currently working with an application counselor, and I don't know if she is willing to wait until next cycle to continue working with me (without asking me to pay for next year as well).

2. Apply this cycle, and make the decision of retaking/reapplying when I get my admission results. If I'm happy with my results, I will enroll 2017. If not, I can retake the LSAT and reapply.

What do you all think?


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    @abby.lu2017 said:
    What do you all think?
    I'm a big proponent of gaining work experience before law school. This also gives you more time to retake and prep more to ensure you hit your goal. I understand how hard finding a paid position is with a liberal arts degree, trust me, haha. However hard it is, it is easier than finding any decent paid position from a sub-par law school. Believe me on that. I totally would suggest taking a year and building you resume and working on reaching your potential on the LSAT.

    I also don't see any downside in applying and seeing what your options are either... Just be honest with yourself in advance and decide what options you are willing to accept... I know more than a few people who applied just to see their options and ended up pulling the trigger on attending schools they didn't really want and ended up regretting it.

    Good luck!
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