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so i don't seem to be improving in the RC section...

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I score around 50-60 % on this section. What should I do for the next 19 days before the December test? I've tried the lsat trainer.. it didn't really do much for me. My main issue is timing. i always have to guess on an entire passage. Any tips? guidance is needed. Thanks!


  • DumbHollywoodActorDumbHollywoodActor Alum Inactive ⭐
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    How's your BR in RC?
  • Q.E.DQ.E.D Alum Member
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    I think the harder RC passages successfully test your ability to quickly absorb the subtleties of written English. And I don't think you can dramatically change your performance in that task within a month. I also don't think tactics around question types and passage notation will make up for a serious deficit in reading comp. That's why I think you should postpone your test and rotate in a lot of outside reading. Fast LR depends on good reading too, so I'd be surprised if you were killing it in those sections. Is waiting unacceptable?

    I'm an LSAT beginner myself, so I could be dead wrong. If your issue is just your test-taking and not your actual RC (as DHA seems to be wondering, judging from his Q about your BR), then maybe there are quick things you can do. Just seems like y'oughtta wait, though. You could be even worse in test day.

    -not to sound harsh, just want you to succeed even though you're a complete stranger
  • DEC_LSATDEC_LSAT Alum Member
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    @Q.E.D I'm scoring about 80% on LR.... maybe not "killing it" but it's nothing like my RC sections. I don't think it's a lack of good reading. I wouldn't compare RC to LR. They don't exactly match up cause I am doing significant better with LR. my BR score for RC is much better. sometimes it's just nerves with timing that gets me on RC. I'm not used to reading long passages in such a short time. and i miss/skip an entire section. @DumbHollywoodActor
  • Q.E.DQ.E.D Alum Member
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    Oh, well that's good to hear. 'Much less worried, then. Maybe the prob is just in the psychology and tactics of test-taking. I have def missed a lot of questions I shouldn't have. Just curious, what score range are you aimin' at?
  • DEC_LSATDEC_LSAT Alum Member
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    @Q.E.D yes i think you're right in that they are questions I SHOULD be getting but psychology might be getting in the way. I do believe i can improve in my RC section even if i have a limited time. It's not that i can't understand the passages. In fact, I enjoy some of the passages! it's just my mind set that i need to work on. Anyway, my last two LSAT PT 72 (159) and PT 75 (158) under timed conditions. @DumbHollywoodActor . if I work on my LG, i can easily break into the 160s. I'm averaging about 70% on LGs. so i can also improve in that section. I can get into my dream school with a 157. so i'm not aiming for the high 160s.
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