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Inconsistent LR & RC scores

calftempcalftemp Free Trial Member
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Hi Everyone,

Need some advice/help on LR and RC! Over PTs and on individual sections, I'm scoring pretty inconsistently. On LR, I've been anywhere and everywhere between -1 to -6/section (big spread, I know), and on RC, the best I've ever scored is -3, but recently I scored -9 (oooff)! I'm not really sure why my scores are all over the place, but definitely can't take that risk on test day.

Any advice on how to score more consistently on these sections (and ideally, not consistently -9!)?



  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    edited November 2016 2098 karma
    @caffemp If you are at the start of your prep it is not really that strange to see this inconsistencies. I think studying the core curriculum is the best way to get the fundamentals down which in turn give you the required understanding for consistency. After finishing core curriculum use the analytic tools of 7Sage to find out which question types you get wrong most of the time and drill them, for me drilling flaw questions alone increased my score.

    Correct me if I am wrong, I assume you have done these sections under time, rushing at the end of each section might be one of the reasons. Build up your internal time clock to get a feel how long 80 seconds really take. You can do so by taking LR sections from PT 1-35 and do them individually while using a timer with loop countdown function. Set the timer on 80 seconds and 25 loops when it is past 80 seconds circle the question choose an answer choice and move on, come back to the question if you got extra time at the end of the section. My best advice would be do not waste PTs. Make sure you are BRing all the question you got wrong before checking J.Y explanations.

    Regarding RC I recommend reading for passage reasoning structure, LSAT Trainer has very good chapters in which it explains how to read for structure, J.Y also explains it in the core curriculum. I suggest watching J.Y. explanations after BRing each passage that you do. Also filming yourself while doing the section can be useful if you are scoring very high.

    Lastly, always BR your section to learn from your mistakes if you do not do that you would lose a great opportunity to learn.

    The Blind Review: How to correctly prep for LSAT (Part 1)

    Online Stopwatch with Loop-countdown

    I hope this helps you
  • calftempcalftemp Free Trial Member
    121 karma
    Hi! Thanks for your reply. I'm not at the beginning of my prep, and I always BR the entire LR section, not just the ones I'm unsure of or missed. My BR scores are all significantly higher than my timed/actual scores. So, I'm really not quite sure why my scores are so inconsistent...
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