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How Important is it to Take the Most Recent PTs?

I'm preparing to take the test in February, and I have the LSAC book that contains PTs 52-61. I have taken 52, 53, and 54, and I'm scoring very well. Is there a substantial difference between the PTs I've been taking and the most recent PTs? I'm trying to figure out if I should buy more of the recent PTs to take in preparation for the exam.


  • SamiSami Yearly Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hi Davis,

    Yeah I would say there is a difference. I have taken about 4 PT's in 60's and 1 in 70's, so I can't say much about 70's. But I would say from my experience PT's in 60's have a different way of saying things and are much better at hiding the argument. I would definitely at least attempt some of the PT's in the 70s before I take the test. From what I hear, in PT 70's there are some different question types introduced and definitely some weird games. (maybe other people can expand more on this)

    If it was me, I would at least try to find out how I am scoring on the most recent tests before I take it in February. The knowledge can't hurt.

    Good luck : )
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
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    Simply put, the later PTs give a more accurate depiction of what to expect to see come test day.
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
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    Not to mention, more room for games! yas!
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    @Sami and @montaha.rizeq hittin the nail on the head as always!

    It is imperative that you prepare using the most recent tests as well. I would recommend that every student do (at a minimum) PTs 50 - 79 before sitting for the exam. If you absolutely are short on time, at least make sure to do all of the 70s. Overall, the more tests and BR you get in, the better prepared you will be!

  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    You absolutely must take the newest PTs (67+?) to score your best on test day. Personally, I found it beneficial to do nothing but the 70s for the month before the test, including retakes and drilling. I only practiced outside of the newest material when doing weird/hard LG.
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