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How much outside knowledge can I use for the writing section?

Auran BucklesAuran Buckles Free Trial Member
edited July 2013 in General 34 karma

I have been reading through some of the past writing section topics, and it seems like the general pattern is they give you a dilemma type of situation or two choices, and then based on some requirements/considerations you need to choose and argue for what is best.

My question is, how much outside knowledge can we bring into this? I'm sure we can put in principles we believe work best or knowledge on other subjects (math, economics, etc), but what about adding onto the considerations that are already stated? For example, if the client in the question values x and y and I must consider them in making the argument for my choice, can I say something like "I believe this option is best because it creates some x and y but also adds the value of z (that I think is also important in making the choice)"?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


  • Sylvan JaspenSylvan Jaspen Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    Hey Auran,
    From what I know about the writing sample, I wouldn't include any outside knowledge. Stick to the information you're presented with and make a clear, concise argument based off of that. If law schools look at your writing sample, they're looking to see how you can write not your outside knowledge of the subject.
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