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Either or/not both do we know when to represent them on the in out chart?

Casey BeeCasey Bee Alum Member
Hi everyone. One theme I've noticed in JY's videos, is that he'll identify a bunch of not both or either or rules, and then chose one to put on the chart. LSAT 36/Sec4/Game1 is an example. He puts the either or, but not the not both rule on the chart. How do we know when/which to put on? Thanks!


  • Creasey LSATCreasey LSAT Member
    edited November 2016 423 karma
    If you have something like X ---> Y, then you are being told that either X or Y (or both) must be included. It is always helpful to place this option into one of the "in" slots.

    If you have something like X --> Z, you are being told that these two variables hate each other. If X is In, Z is Out and vice versa. They both could still be out, though. Sometimes it is helpful to place this option into an Out slot.

    Where it gets a little tricky is if one of the variables (say, X above) is included in both types of relationships. For example, if either X or Y must be In (either/or), AND if both X and Z cannot be In (not both), you theoretically could place the X/Y option In and the X/Z option Out. The reason JY foregoes on doing this (I'm guessing) is to minimize confusion on the gameboards.
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