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Question about CAS on LSAC website...

Artak MamikonyanArtak Mamikonyan Legacy Member
in General 308 karma
Hey guys, this isn't really relating to the LSAT but I'm trying to figure out where we input the community college we attended on the Credential Assembly Service. Under "Bachelor's Degree-Granting Institution," I inputted the University that I attended but I don't see where we have to input our community college attended. What did you guys put it under? Thanks!


  • stgl1230stgl1230 Legacy Member
    821 karma
    I put it under "other institutions," which is below the space for "graduate institutions." I didn't earn a degree at the CC I attended (it was college in the high school), but I still marked it as "undergraduate." Hope this helps
  • Artak MamikonyanArtak Mamikonyan Legacy Member
    308 karma
    Yeah, it does help. I actually ended up putting my CC under other institutions as well. I was just confused because it says "level attended" and i didn't know what to mark because none of them applied. I just ended up just marking Bachelors even though i didn't get my bachelors at CC obviously haha. @stgl1230
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