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Application Help regarding Feb lsat

Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
in General 139 karma
So I'm not happy with my December score and average a much higher score than I received....reason I messed up was I hardly got 2 hours of sleep night before so my eyes were liter ly closing on the most important test ever... now question is can I submit an app without an lsat and is that an advantage over waiting to send when lsat comes.... or is this evenpossible ? Please help


  • loosekanenloosekanen Alum Member
    138 karma
    If registered for February schools will know that when you send in your application. Unfortunately, the evidence seems to point to apps with a Feb LSAT as not receiving commensurate acceptance and ESPECIALLY scholarship money compared to apps submitted before the FEB LSAT. Any apps you submit will have your DEC LSAT score on them already. You might be in a situation where it's better to take the LSAT again in FEB (and possibly again in June) and then reapplying next cycle, especially if money is a concern.
    This is by no means necessary, you can absolutely attend next cycle with an LSAT from FEB, but if you aren't happy with your results this cycle you are likely to have more success next cycle.
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    Hey. I'm sorry about your Dec LSAT experience. A good night's rest is certainly a requirement to do well! Anyway yes you can submit your application before the Feb LSAT and this is encouraged if you're set on applying this cycle. What you need to do is notify each school via email or phone that you will be sitting for Feb and to put your application on hold. The beauty of this is once the Feb scores are released your application will automatically be put for review instead of waiting a few extra weeks because it's put in the bottom of the pile once LSAC completes it. Another option is to take in February and apply NEXT cycle. This is more ideal for someone who is big on attending a school with a nice scholarship. Not to mention applying later in the cycle decreases your chance of admissions because many people would have gotten accepted at that point and scholarship money will be decreased. Ultimately the choice is yours but I think the latter would be a better option if possible. :)
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