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Repeating the same mistakes...

Gz412326Gz412326 Alum Member
edited January 2015 in General 92 karma
I have completed about 10 PTs and during my blind review I've noticed that 90% of my wrong answers come from making the same silly mistakes or misreading something. I've tried drilling and reviewing the course material. Any one else work through this? How did you power through? How do I confirm I really "got it" and won't repeat that mistake again?


  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    Take your time, don't rush through. See why an answer is right and not just sounds right b4 moving on. If it wasn't too obvious take the time to make sure u know why the wrong AC is wrong and DRILL DRILL DRILL until you get it down
  • marleybabymarleybaby Alum Member
    194 karma
    Dude. when you get to around 30 practice tests... if you're doing your shit right (proper Blind Review and all) you'll see yourself making less and less mistakes of that nature.

    It's different for everyone. Set personal goals and realistically estimate when you'll see a decrease in those mistakes (granted that you put in proper work, again). Nobody but yourself can be the best judge of that.

    Of course, If you don't see improvements or feel something is TERRIBLY wrong.. then post here again and see run your techniques through with the community.

    I have faith in you!!! Keep in there
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    I agree with both of those ^. In time, after many many practice tests, the mistakes will decrease!
  • Gz412326Gz412326 Alum Member
    92 karma
    Thanks guys! I'll working through it and let you know how it goes :)
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