Admissions Webinar + Editing Giveaway! Weds, Jun 27 @ 9 p.m. ET



  • hallen88hallen88 Free Trial Member
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    I attended the webinar and I vote for “Personal Statement - Choosing a Topic”

  • Cro MagnumCro Magnum Alum Member
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    I vote for "advice for recommenders". What a great resource to assist and ease the process of those contributors.

  • Jane1990Jane1990 Alum Member
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    Thank you for the webinar yesterday. One vote for Application Requirements for Top Law Schools (2017).

  • InpursuitofLSATInpursuitofLSAT Alum Member
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    I vote for the Admissions Timeline to help me keep track of time and deadlines. I also vote for more webinars because of how useful yesterday's webinar was. Thank you!

  • scales_of_jscales_of_j Member
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    I vote for the "Shaping Your Story" lesson!

  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
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    I vote for 'how to format your law school personal statement'

  • IdealistIdealist Member
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    Most helpful lesson for me was that universities differ with regards to how they assess your application if you write you LSAT in September and then again in December.

  • 534 karma

    @"David.Busis" how will we know who won?

  • Return On InferenceReturn On Inference Alum Member
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    I really love the letters of recommendation content! Tons of useful information that I've never seen elsewhere

  • haley.daniel18haley.daniel18 Alum Member
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    I vote for how to choose a personal statement topic!

  • juanmapmjuanmapm Alum Member
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    Most helpful lesson is the Should I Write a Diversity Statement, And Other Questions (actually that section overall has been extremely helpful).

  • kimw2015kimw2015 Member
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    I missed the first part of the webinar. Is there a link to rewatch anywhere?

  • David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
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    Hi everyone! The webinar is up here:

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