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When to cut out answers?

LawschoolieLawschoolie Member
in General 16 karma

In the Blind Review topic, J.Y. talks about cutting out certain questions that you get wrong. Is there a summary anywhere of when to do this? He talks about doing this a lot, but I don't think I'd be able to remember when to actually do it.


  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    3112 karma

    So I double BR and if they are wrong after two passes then they get cut out. For example, I will BR, see if I got it right, then review again if I got it wrong. If the second pass is wrong it automatically gets cut out. Otherwise, I use my discretion on questions that gave me trouble, regardless of whether they are right or wrong. It helped me to verify my reasoning or see if I just got lucky.

  • LawschoolieLawschoolie Member
    16 karma

    Interesting. Do you cut out LG or RC questions? I feel like that would be a little harder to do.

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    I think this is a really good psychological test too. If you see it's a question you struggled with before and can't remember why or what you chose, to see what you end up choosing a different time.

    I think you can try for LG and RC as well but then you'd need the setup/passage too.

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
    edited July 2018 4423 karma

    I did it with every LR Question I missed either before or after blind review. However, I just took pictures with my cell phone rather than cutting them out. I then scrolled through these in my spare time.

    I didn't do it at all in LR or Logic Games. LR is easier to go through in your spare time since they are so short.

  • eRetakereRetaker Free Trial Member
    2038 karma

    Yeah also just took hundreds of photos on my phone of tricky LR questions to review at lunchtime during work.

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