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Thank You 7sage

Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
edited February 2020 in General 2116 karma

Rather than regale you with a narrative about personal triumph through adversity i thought it would be more worthy of your time to explain how i increased my lsat score by 13 points.

Started with a 157 3 years ago, re wrote the lsat last November and got a 161. Discovered 7 sage shortly after and subsequently got a 166 and a 170 on the following lsats.

How did i get here?

  1. I viewed jy's videos religiously. Not just for lg but for LR and occasionally RC. I tried to understand Jy's thought process , how he approached questions and how eliminated wrong answer choices. I did all the pts past pt50 as well. If you are not an ultimate member, think about upgrading. It is a worthy investment

  2. I kept a log of all the lr questions I got wrong and audited my thought process after every PT. (Shout out to @hawaiihi for this idea) The value of a thorough BR is priceless. Do not just concentrate on why answer choices are right, look at the wrong answer choices and figure out why they are wrong. I also reviewed every question , even those i got right. Just in case i hit on a false positive where i got the right answer through improper methods. Process not results matter

  3. I started to BR with others.
    The best way to iron out your reasoning is to say it out loud to others, and no one is more discerning of reasoning than other sagers. I started a br group and we br'd pts on a weekly basis. This really helped fill in the gaps in my thinking process, br'ing with others shone a light on my heuristical blind-spots and gave me the edge i needed to transition from the 160's to the 170's. If you are aiming for a 97th percentile score I highly suggest you br with others.

  4. I started a group chat and vowed to answer every question that came my way. I figured if I could not teach a concept , I did not know it well enough. This let me randomly review concepts as at any given moment questions would appear, the lsat was always on my mind. More importantly the group chat kept me sane as i knew there were other people out there going through the same struggles. I love my group chat, they are lovely people and seeing their success after the March results came in made me happier than any individual achievement ever could.

  5. I hate to plug a competing product but the lsat trainer is magical, if you do not have it buy it right now.

The group chat is still going as there are still folks on there who are writing in june and july you can join us here.

I also still join the june BR sessions (

I've also committed to hosting a br of pt 41 on sunday (the post is on the first page of the webforum)

I'm going to stick around for awhile to pay it forward. This site has been life changing


  • jasminesadejasminesade Alum Member
    249 karma

    Congrats!!!! Such an accomplishment! That’s awesome! And thank you so much for sharing these tips :)

  • hawaiihihawaiihi Free Trial Member
    973 karma

    Happy that keeping track of all the LR questions and going through the thought process helped! Congratulations on all your success, you should be proud!

  • 2ndTimestheCharm2ndTimestheCharm Alum Member
    1810 karma

    Congrats! Thanks for staying with us :smile:

  • rnwangumarnwanguma Alum Member
    160 karma

    Congrats! What's your approach to RC? I literally don't know how else to improve in that section.

  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    2116 karma

    @rnwanguma with respect to rc. The best i could do is contain the damage. Since this was undisclosed my guess was i ended up with with -1 LR -1Lr -2 LG and -6 to -7 on RC (depending on the curve) i ran out of time on rc and randomly bubbled the last 5 questions in rc.

    Typically i average -3 - -4 though and that came from reading from structure (and avoiding running out of time 😂)

    The Lsat Trainer is the best book that illustrates this method of tackling the RC, highly recommend it

  • rnwangumarnwanguma Alum Member
    160 karma

    @"Michael.Cinco" Thank you so much for this!

  • LCMama2017LCMama2017 Alum Member
    2134 karma

    You rock! Thank you for starting the BR group. You have been so invaluable, not just for answering questions but for always, always cheering us on. You deserve that 170 and I'm so incredibly happy for you!!

    114 karma

    Awesome! Congrats

  • henry_wuhenry_wu Alum Member
    31 karma

    That’s awesome Michael, congrats!

  • fycw2068fycw2068 Alum Member
    404 karma

    This is really encouraging. I got a 161 on the Nov test and then a 161 on the March test... but for March we had some major distractions at the testing center so for me it was actually encouraging I was still able to score 161 given all the drama. This is the first post I've come across where someone shared the progression of their improvement that seems attainable to me. Thank you!

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