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It's been a rollercoaster but I finally reached my goal!

Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
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I don't post on the forums a lot, more in the core-curriculum, but I've been on 7Sage since around April 2017 when I started my LSAT journey. My diagnostic was a 147 when I took it in Feb 2017, and my desperation led me around the internet until I landed on this amazing resource. I'm so thankful to J.Y. and the team for creating a fantastic course, and to this inspiring and supportive community that's helped me weather the ups and downs.

It's taken over two years, and I've taken the LSAT four times. After a promising 166 (June 2018), disappointing 164 (Sept 2018), and a so-close-yet-so-far 168 (Nov 2018), I've finally hit a 174 on this last June exam. My first time crying happy tears in my life, I think.

Although I honestly enjoy this test, it's been an emotional rollercoaster. I know there's still more to come with admissions, but it feels so good to finally be able to say "when" instead of "if" when it comes to my applications.

Thank you all again!


  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
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    Congrats!!! Your hard work paid off

  • richardgarzolarichardgarzola Alum Member
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    Congrats! This was a beautiful read hard work always wins.

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
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    Congrats @"Habeas Porpoise", I have seen a lot of your comments and you have been very helpful. Thank you for all you have given to this community and congrats on the 174. That is a massive increase! Best of luck with applications.

  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma

    Always love seeing your posts! Congrats!! On an undisclosed test I had an LR question about Porpoises and I instantly got distracted by thinking of your username!

  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
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  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    edited June 2019 1866 karma

    @Kermit750 @richardgarzola @BinghamtonDave Thank you!!

    @"Mage of Reason" I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you!

    @"Lucas Carter" Oh my gosh! 😂 Sorry for distracting you! Hope it was brief and that the test went okay! And congrats on reaching your goals--just saw your post!

  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
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  • studyingandrestudyingstudyingandrestudying Core Member
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    Excellent work!

  • Hopeful9812Hopeful9812 Member
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    Congratulations!!! & Thank you so much for all the comments/explanations that you've provided- very helpful!!

    45 karma

    This makes me so happy! Can't wait for the day I post something like this :') Until then back to the LSAT.

  • 5MoreMinPlease5MoreMinPlease Yearly Member
    edited June 2019 128 karma

    Congrats Porpoise! That's an amazing score!!! Gonna miss all the helpful comments from you buddy. Keep us in the loop when admissions comes around.

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    1866 karma

    @drbrown2 @lsatplaylist Thank you!!
    @Hopeful9812 Thank you! Glad they were helpful!
    @FCCLSAT You got this!! Looking forward to reading your post someday!
    @5MoreMinPlease Thank you!! I'll still be in the CC until August when my package expires! I'll keep visiting the forum though--tons of great admissions advice here!! And I'll make sure to post when I have updates! :blush:

  • UnicornFartsUnicornFarts Alum Member
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    Congrats! It's always amazing to see hard work pay off! That 174 is going to open so many doors for you!!!

  • Waffle23Waffle23 Alum Member
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  • VibrioVibrio Alum Member
    625 karma

    Awesome!!! Congrats!!!

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    Congrats @"Habeas Porpoise" ! It kind of goes without saying with a score at that level, but you earned it! It’s always so great to see all the hard work paying off!

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    1866 karma

    @UnicornFarts Thank you! I hope so!
    @skhan012018 @Vibrio @"Cant Get Right" Thank you!!

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    Congrats @"Habeas Porpoise" you deserve it! I remember how helpful and insightful your comments always were

  • Gunningfor121Gunningfor121 Alum Member
    edited July 2019 517 karma

    @"Habeas Porpoise"

    That is INSANE! Congratulations!!!

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    1866 karma

    @keets993 Hey, it's been a while! Thank you--that means a lot!
    @Gunningfor121 Thank you!! :blush:

    71 karma

    What an amazing improvement! Can you share some studying tips? it's very hard to break the plateau

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    edited July 2019 1866 karma

    @Q_ESQUIRE said:
    What an amazing improvement! Can you share some studying tips? it's very hard to break the plateau

    Hey, Thanks!
    Of course! There's a lot so I'll probably be more helpful if you have specific questions :lol:

    For plateaus in particular, I drilled by question-type and foolproofed to get from the low 160s to the mid-high 160s.
    It was 100% retakes that got me into the 170s: Leading up to my third-take (November exam), just general PT retakes got me averaging 170-171. Leading up to my last June exam, I drilled almost LR exclusively, giving myself 30 minutes per section (again, all retakes) and flagging questions for review. I focused on stimuli structure (almost like you would for RC). In terms of time spent, I was studying part-time between March-April, and taking about a section a day with plenty of days off. Starting in May, I gave myself 30-32 minutes for full PTs (usually the extra couple minutes were for the RC sections), and was using PTs almost like drills. The final week before my exam, I took and reviewed the November exam that I'd never BR-ed (I couldn't face the test when it came out 😂), and then spent the rest of the week reviewing my flagged LR questions. I can't definitively say I ever PT-ed in the mid-170s since I never had a fresh PT, but my retakes were in that range.

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    @"Habeas Porpoise" yeah i've just been busy working and enjoying that stress-free post-lsat life before school starts - which is in a month! eep.

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    1866 karma

    @keets993 Stress free for sure, but sometimes I don't know what to do with all this time I now magically have--still trying to readjust 😂 Wait, did you apply this last cycle? So starting law school?

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    @"Habeas Porpoise" yeah! I applied last cycle, my last lsat take was jan and it was definitely an adjustment period 😂😂 but i promise there is a life outside of lsat and eventually you get used to not having everything revolve around it. Yes I'm starting at Osgoode in about a month

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    edited July 2019 1866 karma

    @keets993 hahaha, yeah, I'll find something to pass the extra time eventually!! 😂 Omg that's awesome! Congrats!!! So excited for you XD

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