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Hello 7Sage Community<

My LSAT journey has been and long rough road. I took the December 2017 LSAT and scored 155. I stopped studying for awhile and discovered 7Sage. I started the core curriculum and 7Sage helped open my eyes to how to correctly study for the LSAT. I started studying again mid-April 2019 while working full-time. I have been able to increase my PT score to 164. I signed up for the November 2019 test, but I am a splitter student (my gpa is 3.0) and I am considering rescheduling my test to February 2020. This would mean 4 years between completing my undergrad and entering law school. I am torn about taking the November test or cutting my hours as a server and subsequently taking the February 2020 test. Any thoughts?

LSAT Test Date
  1. Should I reschedule my LSAT19 votes
    1. November 2019
    2. February 2020


  • ChardiggityChardiggity Alum Member
    336 karma

    What's your goal score? Would cutting your hours as a server negatively impact you financially? Are you hoping to enroll fall of 2020? Can you wait another cycle to fall of 2021?

  • Monthly Member
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    My goal is a 170. I recently talked to my boss about cutting my hours and see was understanding about it. I was hoping to enroll fall of 2020, but if a potential higher score mean taking another year off and enrolling fall of 2021 then I will definitely do so.

  • simplayyysimplayyy Alum Member
    59 karma

    Whichever one you choose, we believe in you!

  • ChardiggityChardiggity Alum Member
    336 karma

    I would say that since you're already signed up for November and your boss is cool with cutting back, keep cranking away at studying and see if you're PTing a little above 170 right beforehand. If not, maybe withdraw and aim for a later administration. February is pretty late to be taking the LSAT and applying this cycle, especially as a splitter, so if you don't feel like you can hit your goal or at least improve a few points, I'd say consider deferring another cycle. Don't worry about being 4+ years out of undergrad - another year won't negatively affect you, but a higher score will definitely positively benefit you. Good luck!

  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
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    Don't take it until you're ready. If you're serious about 170 as a target score than I'd say your average needs to be at least within 3 points of a 170 and ideally above that. Once you're there, then go ahead and sign up for a take.

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