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Random question on strategy

christinagomez7738christinagomez7738 Alum Member

So when I do lg I find myself double checking my work constantlyyy to make sure I haven’t made a mistake or written something down wrong which obviously can be a good thing but I’m wondering if doing this too much might actually be wasting a lot of my time? Anybody who’s great at logic games have any tips on how to get so confident with games that you’re not doubting yourself, or any tips on how to get a good flow going ?


  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
    550 karma

    @christinagomez7738 So I usually ace the logic games part of the LSAT and I don't second guess myself at all, but if I REALLY want to be sure I will just run down the other answers really quick. I somehow learned to make inferences in my head rather than writing it down on the page. When I come across a rule like "P is either in 1 or 6" I will break that into two game boards. Then as they give me more rules I can see which worlds which rules can and cannot exist. If you come across a could be true question type and if let's say the first answer could be true I will just pick it and move on. Its very helpful to do the work up front (game boards and the inferences) so you could just fly through the answers. I think RC is about flow but LG is not really about flow for me necessarily. Once you become comfortable with the game boards then you'll have no trouble with that section.
    Don't freeze up on questions, even if you don't know where to start, just start somewhere and the correct method and/or answer will present itself. Also, when they give me rules I can usually make more rules on top of those rules that help you a lot. The LSAT writers will leave that up to the test taker but they know damn well that that if you make that inference the game will basically be a piece of cake. Try to go through a section then when you blind review go through the section again from A to Z and try to understand your reasoning behind picking the correct answer choice so when you come across something like that you can be confident in picking the right one. I think thats one of the important ways that I did it. Even if I knew I had a 100% on the games I would run through them all again just to reinforce my thinking and inference making. LG was my worst and most unpredictable section but once I took a break from everything and came back to it, I sat down and started doing my way instead of trying to follow certain methods that JY uses. When you put too much stress on yourself like "Did I pick the right one" or "Dam what if its B instead of A" you start second guessing and thats always the downfall. Your brain makes patterns all the time just trust your gut.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    Go through your rules, make your board and write down your inferences like JY teaches you. Then, take in a deep breath, and go over the rules again, carefully, and check that you have it correct. If you have it all correct on this check, trust your setup and move forward with that setup. It is a great idea to double check. But once you have your board, the rules and your inferences visualized, trust your work and use your work. Don't look back again unless you run into a question you absolutely can't answer. THEN you would have reason to think you have something wrong. But one check should be enough to avoid these issues. Trust the process. Trust your work.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    edited September 2019 2689 karma

    Btw.. know your game boards. You should be able to read the setup and instantly know what kind of board to use (in out game, in out with categories, a straight 1 to 1 lineup, a circle, etc). That is a huge part of this. If you are still struggling on what kind of layout the game board will be, you should consider working on this. It will save a ton of time and boost confidence.

  • christinagomez7738christinagomez7738 Alum Member
    120 karma

    @AudaciousRed THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS !!!!!

  • timyoder8timyoder8 Core Member
    44 karma

    Depends on what part of your work you're double checking. If you're double checking your game board and your understanding of the rules while you're still setting up your game board, that's alright. Once you've notated all the rules and set up your game board, don't second guess yourself from there (similar to an under-confidence error in LR).

    Take your time setting up your game boards. Then trust yourself and go get it.

  • christinagomez7738christinagomez7738 Alum Member
    120 karma

    @timyoder8 You're right after reading these comments I think it's clear I'm suffering from a self-doubt issue, thank you for the encouragement!

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