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LSAC Removing Logic Games?

emilyjane14emilyjane14 Alum Member
in General 19 karma

Read on the news that a recent lawsuit means that over the next four years LSAC will be taking out the LG section and replacing it with a brand new section. Does anyone know if they are going to make any immediate changes though? I have heard rumors that they are going to grant the option not to take Logic Games at all!!


  • maxbbarb7maxbbarb7 Alum Member
    182 karma

    I think I read that the change will not happen for 4 years. I could be wrong though

  • thecmancanthecmancan Alum Member
    161 karma

    There will be changes.

    However it will be at LEAST 4 years before LSAC must complete RESEARCH into a POSSIBLE new AR assessment.

    So with testing and rollout,
    LG will not be going away for the foreseeable future.

    But i was quote shocked when I first caught wind of this.

  • JerseyLife49JerseyLife49 Alum Member
    95 karma

    I read an article about this last night! A prospective law student preparing for the LSAT who is legally blind filed a lawsuit stating that it was unfair for his appeal not to be approved since he could not properly diagram for the LG section of the LSAT. The decision to research and implement the change of the Analytical Reasoning/LG section of the LSAT should definitely provide increased opportunity and access for legal education and prospective law students in the future.

  • thecmancanthecmancan Alum Member
    161 karma

    I read the amicus brief, NOT the actual legal document, also statements and tweets and listened to a podcast that covered this.

    It seem to be really vague when exactly we'll see a change, if any. At this point, everyone should just get back to foolproofing!!

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
    498 karma

    I saw that too! I am so disappointed to hear the games may be gone.

    I feel what LSAT should do, in cases like this, is just replace the LG with another section of LR or RC.

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