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if you get a question right, is it worth going over the wrong answer choices?

Ive been doing ok on LR...should I skip over the explanations for the wrong answers and just focus on why I got the answer right??

Working on a time crunch.


  • christinagomez7738christinagomez7738 Alum Member
    120 karma

    If you are on a time crunch I would say it isn't worth it. Say if you specifically remembering being torn between your right answer choice and another wrong choice, I would go over the choice that was attractive and just solidify why it's wrong so you can avoid picking traps like that on test day when you're pressed for time.

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
    498 karma

    My rules:

    • If you are 100% sure it is right = skip
    • If you got to it by POE = skip (unless you felt extremely confused, then BR it)
    • If you hesitated between 2 ACs but got it right = BR it (chances are if you redid the question a couple of weeks later, you may chose the wrong one -- at least I did)

    Even the ones you get right, you can still learn something from the questions. It is more quality over quantity.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    edited October 2019 3190 karma

    Honestly, I was stuck in the low 160s when I was lazy with BR. Lately, Ive been pting around 165 and I literally go over every question again and make sure why I know the wrong ones are wrong. Ill even go over the first few LR questions, which people tend to say are super easy. Ill go over every LG question too. BR plus watching video explanations after takes about 7-9 hours. I cant say its because of that, but I think theres a ton of value in going over questions even if you know you got them 100% right. Why not? It cant hurt. At the worst, itll suck up SOME time, but if the question is super easy to where you know you got it 100% right it shouldnt take very long to review.

  • Mario RoboMario Robo Alum Member
    266 karma

    I think that even in a time crunch you should go over answers you got right if you are having trouble. You should spend a lot of time going over why the wrong answers are wrong especially the ones that you were unsure about. In those kinds of questions you could have gotten it right almost as easily as wrong, so you want to know for sure why the other answer is wrong.

    Hope this makes sense

  • joelmpmayjoelmpmay Alum Member
    33 karma

    It depends on how high you want to score. If you want to score in the 170s/180, barring a very extreme circumstance of being naturally gifted in the LSAT, you are going to have to go over the wrong answer choices for (ideally) every question on every exam that you take. If your target score is lower, you can probably get away with being less thorough.

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