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Personal Statement for a Re-Application

Hi! Once my November LSAT score is released, I'm planning to re-apply to multiple schools after only being waitlisted or rejected by them last cycle.

I'm currently revising a new PS that mostly dwells on some life experiences/changes the past 12 months. Most advice I've read says that I should submit a new PS, which makes sense. However, advice on how to tie the two together, if at all, is hard to find!

Obviously, they still have my old PS personal statement on file, but how much should I reference the topics/ideas from my old PS within my new PS?

To put it more generally, should I assume that they'll consider my new PS in tandem with my old PS, or only refer to it if they have any questions?


  • Woodsy_567Woodsy_567 Member
    257 karma

    It might depend on the school. I've heard some admissions reps say that they don't really bother looking at your old PS, unless you refer to it or something.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
    796 karma

    I would just write the best personal statement you can write right now, as if your old PS didn't even exist.

  • PeaceofmindPeaceofmind Alum Member
    446 karma

    You can call the admission to ask. The school I spoke to said the first thing they do to a reapplicant is to pull out the old application and compare it with the new. And they expect to see a updated personal statement.
    They want to see you put some effort to it as opposed to just hit the submit button again.

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