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Should you apply with lower than median LSAT score before retaking in January?

zdanlaw1991zdanlaw1991 Member
edited December 2019 in General 80 karma

Hey there 7 Sager's!
I'm sure there are a handful of you out there that are in a similar conundrum as I am. I took the LSAT in October, scored below the median at my target school, however I am retaking in January. Should I apply prior to taking in January, or hold off until I get my January score back? My concern is being rejected because of my first take. Is there an option to submit an application and attach addendum explaining that I will be retaking in January and for them to hold off on reviewing my application? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • e_jovanovice_jovanovic Alum Member
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    Hey there, I'm having the same doubts... but what I think I will do is apply to a few safety schools for now and wait until I get my January score to apply to my target schools. I might be wrong but I think it's better to send it all at once. Just make sure you have everything good to go as soon as you receive the Jan score so you don't waste more time completing the rest of the application then.

  • zdanlaw1991zdanlaw1991 Member
    80 karma

    I was thinking the same thing, however applying in late January puts you at a larger disadvantage than does applying now and waiting for your January score, doesn't it? Or do schools not care when you submit your application if it is not complete?

  • StillPending_StillPending_ Alum Member
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    I'm also in a similar predicament after taking the November test (as a retake for September). My September score was well below the median for my target schools, and the November test feels like it was better, but still below what I need. Of course, I won't get those back until December 19th, so I impulsively applied for January. But I'm also concerned about the lateness of the application. Given that scores are taking three to four weeks to come back, that means my application won't be complete until February! Which is wayyy later than I planned on applying.

    I'm honestly considering waiting until next cycle because I don't have a score that makes me feel confident I'll get in. Plus, applying so late feels like a huge disadvantage, acceptance and financial aid wise.

    Applying to safety schools first feels secure, but if I don't actually want to go to those schools what's the point?

  • zacharytsmith26-1zacharytsmith26-1 Alum Member
    849 karma

    If you apply now, they are going to hold your application anyway until the January score comes back.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
    796 karma

    It depends on the school. I know some who say they will wait until the Janaury score; others will process your file UNLESS you explicitly let them know that they should wait; some even have a question that asks you which you'd like them to do. So I would check with the schools, and for those that fall in the second or third category (or for any that you're not sure) then specifically ask the school to hold off until they receive your January score.

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