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Where to start when you're restarting

spinosanspinosan Alum Member
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Hey guys,

Hope everybody is staying safe and healthy during this time.

I studied a lot of 7sage (finished LR and RC curriculum) over the summer and made great progress on practice sections, then school hit and didn't have time to keep studying during the year. I'm wondering if anybody has gotten utility out of redoing the core curriculum, or if my time would be better served just jumping back into problem sets and practice tests, since I've already completed cc once? It's been about seven months since I completed the core curriculum.

Any advice/feedback is very appreciated!


  • 256 karma

    Same with me. I jumped bak where I took off but returned a few times to brush up

  • 427cobra427cobra Alum Member
    14 karma

    I was studying for it before I used 7sage. I decided to go through the core curriculum since I hadn't done it before, even though I've done PTs previously.

    7 months is a big gap, I took a week break and got rusty with the CC but that might just be me. Maybe a good in between is doing a PT and then BR'ing it to see where your weaknesses are and revisit those sections on CC.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    should probably redo the CC. Its important to have strong fundamentals

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