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7Sage Law School Explained

J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
edited April 2020 in General 13839 karma

Hi everyone, I have exciting news to share.

We're giving you a free peek into a new set of courses that we're developing in collaboration with professors from top law schools to teach you what you may or may not learn in your 1L year.

I say "may or may not" because the way teaching happens in law school is strange.

You'd think that there's this body of law and that the professor would just tell you what the laws are and then you can learn to apply them to different situations. But that's not how it is. Instead, most professors utilize what's called the Socratic method by which they ask questions of you to prod you in the right direction so you can figure out the answers yourself. The claim is that by so doing, they're teaching you to "think like a lawyer." No doubt it's sometimes successful. But often it's not. If I could sum up my 1L experience with the method in one word, it would be this: frustrating.

I would have preferred to simply listen to professors communicate their knowledge of the law. They had the knowledge. I had an empty head.

So, in some ways, what I'm doing here is an attempt to fix something that had bothered me for years. I'm trying to make legal educational content that J.Y.-from-the-past would have wanted. In so doing, I'm hoping that I'm making something that you, current or future law student, want.

We are preparing lessons for courses that most 1Ls have to take. They are Property, Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law.

We have only a few lessons ready in the Property and Torts curriculum, but we're eager to share what we have.

If you have any kind of account with us, including a free account, you'll be able to access these lessons. This won't be true forever, but it is for now.



  • Granger DangerGranger Danger Alum Member
    717 karma

    Woah. Super cool. I like the video graphics, just started watching the first video. Thanks J.Y.!

  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    2111 karma

    This looks exciting!

  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
    2227 karma

    Can't wait for more content. Very excited! Thank you

  • LawSchoolHopeful-6LawSchoolHopeful-6 Alum Member
    143 karma

    Wow! You're awesome! I look forward to the material becoming available to us.

  • PPPPremePPPPreme Member
    207 karma

    you really are the goat.

  • LindseyDCLindseyDC Core Member
    190 karma

    yay!!! I think you mean "there" not "true" (last sentence) - So awesome!!! Thanks!!! I need to study the LSAT first, but I'm very very tempted!)))

  • MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
    976 karma

    Wonderful thanks so much!!

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    This is something thats really needed lol

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
    476 karma

    Thank you JY! very much enjoying the courses.

  • Help2222Help2222 Member
    240 karma


  • This is pretty cool. Thank you for this! Awesome work

  • 159orBust159orBust Core Member
    53 karma

    JY = the GOAT, after Kobe of course

  • foreverconfusedforeverconfused Alum Member
    123 karma

    Yaaayyyyy!! Thank you so much JY

  • KelSager777KelSager777 Alum Member
    16 karma

    & to think I was going to go with another LSAT company. I'm so glad I chose 7sage. Thank you guys so much!

  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    10746 karma

    I am so excited about this!!! The law school professors are going to be so confused when so many people will do amazing in classes!

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    This is amazing, thank you so much for doing this. JY is just reminding us why 7sage is the best prep program period.

  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma

    Wowwww - Exciting and inspiring as usual. Thanks 7sage!

  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Core Member Sage
    3051 karma

    Great stuff! Can’t wait for it!

    JY, do you think the 1L Socratic experience is just as hit/miss at all law schools?

  • KarlygashKarlygash Alum Member
    55 karma

    Great, i want to join!

  • JournalistJournalist Alum Member
    5 karma

    This is really great! So excited to dive into it!

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    815 karma

    thanks JY!

  • rivierabluerivierablue Alum Member
    80 karma

    This is awesome! Another reason 7Sage is the best!

  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
    13286 karma

    Wow, can I redo 1L? 7Sage always amazing me with the resources it provides to people wanting to get into law.

  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
    203 karma

    This looks awesome! Can't wait!

  • smartaone2smartaone2 Alum Member
    511 karma

    This reminds me of the paralegal courses I took years ago. This is so Awesome and Thank you much!!!

  • PositivePositive Alum Member
    426 karma

    can't wait!!! if you don't mind, when are u planning to complete the whole curriculum?? hopefully, I can get ready before i start my program next Fall! : )

  • Accounts PlayableAccounts Playable Alum Sage
    3107 karma

    Awesome! This would be very useful.

  • astrid_25astrid_25 Alum Member
    4 karma

    Woo! This is amazing. Thank you!

  • J_ClarksonJ_Clarkson Alum Member
    585 karma

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Yuliya SamborykYuliya Samboryk Alum Member
    74 karma

    I’m starting law school this fall and that would be so helpful!

  • BlindReviewerBlindReviewer Alum Member
    855 karma

    7sage is life <3 will def be using this the summer before 1L!

  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8684 karma

    looking forward to this!

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13839 karma

    Update: The first 3 lessons for Constitutional Law are posted.

  • akitagogoakitagogo Alum Member
    89 karma

    Loving the lectures so far, thanks so much JY!

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Member
    5244 karma

    Will there be a module on Intellectual Property?

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5593 karma

    @lsatplaylist said:
    Will there be a module on Intellectual Property?

    Hi there,

    For now we don't have any plans to do a module on Intellectual Property because it's not a 1L course. In the far future, we might do one.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  • awceifffaawceifffa Free Trial Member
    6 karma

    This is amazing! Thank you so much

  • btownsqueebtownsquee Alum Member
    1207 karma

    This is amazing!! THANK YOU!

  • Jay TeeJay Tee Alum Member
    298 karma

    It looks like the Property section was taken down. Will it come back at some point?

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5593 karma

    @"Jay Tee" said:
    It looks like the Property section was taken down. Will it come back at some point?

    Hi there,

    The Property course is still available at this location: Are you having trouble accessing the Property course?

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    @"Juliet --Student Service--" Im actually seeing the same thing. I still have access to Torts, Civ Pro, and Con Law but I can't see the Property course anymore?

  • Jay TeeJay Tee Alum Member
    298 karma

    @"Juliet --Student Service--" said:
    Hi there,

    The Property course is still available at this location: Are you having trouble accessing the Property course?

    Yes, the only ones that were showing up were Torts, Constitutional Law & Civil Procedure but it looks like Property Intro & Property - Trespass are back. Thanks!

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5593 karma

    @"Jay Tee" and @jmarmaduke96

    Sorry about that. The issue should be resolved now. See the screenshot below of how it should appear:


    Let me know if you still cannot access the Property course.

  • 2ndTimestheCharm2ndTimestheCharm Alum Member
    1810 karma

    Awesome idea. Can't wait to dive in!

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27725 karma

    “Frustrating” is an excellent word for 1L classes. I can think of a few others I won’t share. Looking forward to watching this develop, and I’m jealous that I didn’t have this!

  • btownsqueebtownsquee Alum Member
    1207 karma

    Update: I've been going through this course and genuinely enjoying it. How complete is this? How far in the development of this project are you guys? Just curious. :)

  • HarrisHarris Core Member
    188 karma

    So awesome. Took a quick tour. Praying I make it so I can hit this big time. Rock on JY!!

  • JHolmes1880JHolmes1880 Core Member
    25 karma

    Thank you J.Y.! I admire your intelligence and cannot wait for more content!

  • StevenTroyStevenTroy Member
    119 karma

    I just completed the available CivPro videos and can't wait for more. Having gone through the BarBri CivPro modules I can say that 7Sage is unique in making CivPro principles understandable. Any idea on when more material will be added? Thanks for this GREAT resource!

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