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Accepted into my desired Law School!

bonjoursmbonjoursm Alum Member
edited April 2015 in General 181 karma
First off, I want to give a HUGE thanks to 7sage and the community members. JY's methods have helped me drastically. The community members have helped increase my understanding on questions that I found unclear, even after JY's videos explained everything. Before finding 7sage, the highest score I earned was a 149 (September 2014) (diagnostic was a 139). I had used Princeton (big NO NO), Kaplan (Also big NO NO), and powerscore. I then discovered 7sage and in early November and had seen huge improvements during the following months.

I was PTing around 165 a week before the February LSAT. I earned a disappointing (to me) 160 and applied to the University of South Carolina anyway (with low hopes of being accepted). About 3 days ago, I received a letter in the mail from the University of South Carolina, saying I was accepted. Today, I received a letter in the mail with a $10,000 scholarship (a little more than 1/8th of all three years' tuition).

I will be sitting again for the June LSAT, with hopes of earning at least a 165, so that I can negotiate a higher scholarship. It will be my third and final time taking the LSAT.

Just wanted to pass on words of encouragement. If I can do it, so can you! The climb from 139 to where I am sitting at now was NOT and easy one, but it CAN BE DONE!


  • DumbHollywoodActorDumbHollywoodActor Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Big Congrats!
  • JustinaJJustinaJ Alum Member
    223 karma
    that is AMAZING! Congrats!!! CELEBRATE!
  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
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  • AlexanderL0AlexanderL0 Alum Member
    239 karma
    what was your GPA?
  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    Congrats! Good luck with the final test.
  • Gz412326Gz412326 Alum Member
    92 karma
    Congrats! That is awesome! You should feel proud of all the hard work you've done.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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  • cashundra.scott-1cashundra.scott-1 Alum Member
    21 karma
    Congrats!!! Hard work truly does pay off!...any advice on how to prep for the RC section? I assumed that it would be the easiest section but now I'm seeing that it is not. I always complete three passages and cannot get through the last one before time is up...
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
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  • ValBerroaValBerroa Alum Member
    77 karma
    Congrats. Your story really inspire me.
  • christine_joh89christine_joh89 Alum Member
    25 karma
    Wow congratulations!!!
  • ddakjikingddakjiking Inactive ⭐
    2116 karma
    oh boy. Are you sure that we're not the same person? Diagnostic in the 130's and score in the 160's.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    Y'all are inspirational with those 30 point jumps!
  • bonjoursmbonjoursm Alum Member
    edited April 2015 181 karma
    UGPA is a 3.5 :(

    @"cashundra.scott-1" The RC section is my biggest weakness. Currently average -7 to -10; my ADD is possibly my biggest enemy. I was averaging -12 to -15 on RC about a month ago.
  • SapphireSapphire Alum Member
    289 karma
    Yes!!!!!! You go!
  • msoliviajmsoliviaj Alum Member
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  • Marie4lawschoolMarie4lawschool Alum Member
    359 karma
    Congrats!! Love hearing about hard work leading to dreams come true!
  • cashundra.scott-1cashundra.scott-1 Alum Member
    21 karma
    @bonjoursm, I have not been diagnosed with ADD but I have some symptoms and believe that I am ADD. I think that it is interfering with me totally focusing on the passages in RC which is my weakest section. Any advice on how to manage ADD while prepping for the LSAT?
  • Nanchito-1-1Nanchito-1-1 Yearly Member
    1762 karma
    YES!!! that's what like to hear!! truly an inspiration.
  • bSM45LSATbSM45LSAT Member
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  • mes08mes08 Alum Member
    578 karma
    @"cashundra.scott-1" 10-minute meditation before studying and taking breaks. I usually take a 5-10 minute break after 50 minutes or an hour to refocus my attention on studying. Also, silencing your phone and keeping your computer off helps avoid distractions. Hope that helps!
  • cashundra.scott-1cashundra.scott-1 Alum Member
    21 karma
    Thanks mes 08!! I think taking breaks after an hour would really help because when I study for a couple of hours straight I tend to lose focus and become fatigue and agitated a little bit. Thanks a lot for the advice!!
  • Marie4lawschoolMarie4lawschool Alum Member
    359 karma
    Congratulations! Great achievement. Hope the June LSAT goes very well for you!
  • sarkisp23sarkisp23 Alum Member
    374 karma
    That's amazing to hear congrats!! And @"cashundra.scott-1" also consider that diet has an important impact as well. Without getting super and boringly detailed, try drinking more water if you're not already. Dehydration is a pretty big aggravating factor when it comes to mental focus.
  • Aiesha G.Aiesha G. Alum Member
    199 karma
    Omg congratulations! I am super excited for u!
  • visualcreedvisualcreed Member Inactive ⭐
    326 karma
    Definitely congratulations are in order. I hope to be in the same situation in a few months.
  • cashundra.scott-1cashundra.scott-1 Alum Member
    21 karma
    @sarkisp23, I am trying to do better with drinking more water. I had purchased a 65oz. drinking container that I fill with water and drink off of most days, trying to do it everyday!:) Thanks for the advice!
  • ddakjikingddakjiking Inactive ⭐
    edited May 2015 2116 karma
    One great aspect of the June test is that you can drink a bit more water before the test. I imagine people don't get up too early for the other test dates and be able to drink an adequate amount of water before check-in (8:30am).

    Now that I think about it, dehydration may have fatigued me in Feb. I didn't drink too much water before the test (maybe only 1 regular water bottles) and maybe drank half the bottle during break. So from the time I woke up until around 1:30-2pm, I only drank at most 1.5 bottles of water which isn't a lot for someone of my size.
  • sarkisp23sarkisp23 Alum Member
    374 karma
    @ddakjiking Yeah absolutely it's so simple and so often overlooked. As long as you're drinking consistently and make that a part of your daily routine, even an early morning test shouldn't catch you off guard too much. I always drink a bit before bed.

    Don't forget about exercise as well. Two simple things that significantly improve oxygen flow to the brain. Of course, oxygen flow is not the only reason why hydration and exercise improve cognitive function, but we're just talking actionable strategies.
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