Looking for study buddies - can be remote

Penguin AmyPenguin Amy Yearly Member
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Hi everyone!

I am retaking the LSAT and would love to have a study buddy or study buddies depending on how many are interested. I got a 145 on an actual test two years ago and am studying with the goal of 165+. I live in Hawaii. I haven’t met any 7Sagers in Hawaii so anyone in the mainland is also welcome. I’m okay with connecting remotely - here, via email, or online study sessions.

I’m just looking for someone I can discuss questions with and possibly grow with as well. I know that a 145 isn’t ideal for a study friend, but I am willing to put in the work. I actually haven’t studied as well I should have prior. Life happened. I’m currently working fill time so I’m studying 3 hours on the weekdays, at 8+ hours on a weekend.

I don’t have an estimate of when I’ll be taking the exam, but from prior experience, I think I’m going to just study and once I start hitting my score goal in the practice tests, I’ll schedule to take the exam.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from some of you.



  • Andrew_NeimanAndrew_Neiman Alum Member
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    I am interested!

  • thatgtdude89thatgtdude89 Core Member
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    Hey Amy! I'm interested as well. I'm thinking of taking in November, so hopefully that works for your timeline. Let me know!

  • Penguin AmyPenguin Amy Yearly Member
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    @Andrew_Neiman great! What’s your email?

  • Penguin AmyPenguin Amy Yearly Member
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    @thatgtdude89 hi! I’m thinking of studying for a year unless I get to my target score sooner. What’s your email?

  • Soph1riteSoph1rite Member
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    I'm interested too!

  • wazzzuppwazzzupp Member
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    Will ride this thread and also say I'm interested to anyone reading this lol.

  • kabbagizaw1kabbagizaw1 Free Trial Member
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    I am interested too!

  • 5MoreMinPlease5MoreMinPlease Yearly Member
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    I'm interested!

  • Penguin AmyPenguin Amy Yearly Member
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    Hi everyone! I think we can all help each other out. Just an idea - will it be best if we create an online group (like on Facebook) so that we can all connect easily? I'm not sure what other websites/resources there are that allow creating groups. Open to any ideas. Have a great day!

  • 5MoreMinPlease5MoreMinPlease Yearly Member
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    Slack & Discord are also okay options :)

  • Penguin AmyPenguin Amy Yearly Member
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    I created a study group in Slack. Use this link to join us.


  • SweetyC137SweetyC137 Member
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    I am also interested! You and I have a lot of similarities. We have the same diagnostic score, I am also working full time and studying about 3-4 hours/day. My timeline is for the November test but depending on how much time I can put in with working, I may have to push it back to January. I will join the slack group : )

  • Harvard2020Harvard2020 Core Member
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    Just joined the slack group! My situation is pretty similar to @Agrace_091
    Name is Eric! Majority of my studying is on the weekends but i try to put in a solid 5-6 hours on the weekdays, juggling full time work. Shooting for November/January exam. Look forward to chatting with you guys!

  • legal.eaglelegal.eagle Core Member
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    I just joined the slack group as well! :) I work full time as a paralegal and have am trying to get in 2-3 hours per day and more on the weekend - still trying to figure out how my schedule will work. Hoping to take the October or November exam. I look forward to working with you all!

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    Im also interested!

  • JDream2025JDream2025 Alum Member
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    I am taking a November test as well. I would love to work one on one with someone.

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