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advice on admission

I just received my lsat flex score and got a 164. My average is a 166, but I have scored 167,168,169, and 172 on previous practice tests. That being said I also have scored 162,163, and 164. So my actual test score was on the lower side of my practicing but not far off. Anyway, I have a 3.98 gpa and am really hoping for WashU Law or Notre Dame as my second option. So my question is, what do you guys think my chances are with WashU? I'm going to apply early decision since they are my number one and give great scholarships for those admitted ED, but I'm not entirely confident I'd get accepted. Their lsat range is 162-169-170. So I am above the bottom 25 and my gpa is above the top 75. I could take the test again in August, but I will be starting school and work, so I won't have an abundance of time to devote to the test. I would hate to test again and score lower.

what would you do if you were me? I feel confident in Notre Dame but also don't know how much scholarship I could get there. I need the money for any school because I can't afford on my own $60k a year for tuition.

thank you for any advice you can give me in advance


  • consistencyiskeyconsistencyiskey Core Member
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    Hey! If I were you, I would do it again. You scored at the bottom of your PT range. I know you'll be busy with work and school, but if it's possible to carve out some time to maintain PTing in the high 160s low 170s, it's worth it to retake in August. If you do worse, maybe (hopefully) they'll just look at your highest score...But what if you do better? Scoring a 165, 166, 167,168,169 or 170 will really help their decision, given your amazing GPA. August is around the corner, the LSAT principles/strategies are locked in your head. You've done the grunt work..Now if you can just maintain and improve marginally, it can make a world of difference.

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