PT9.S4.Q13- This summer, Jennifer, who has worked

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For employee working there from 1-4 year they have 3 weeks paid leave.
Half of 3 is 1.5 which is less than 2. How is (A) correct?


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    (A) Jennifer did not use two weeks of the paid vacation time to which she was entitled past year. She is entitled to three weeks, plus max half of the unused weeks from the previous year. We know that she is using 4 weeks or 3 weeks + 1 from the previous year. This 1 year can only be maximum half of the previous year. Imagine she only had one unused week from last year, the additional one she is receiving this year is MORE than maximum half of this amount (its 100%). She must have at least two weeks unused. If she had 2 weeks unused, then the 1 additional week this year is 50% (satisfies maximum half condition), and if she had all three weeks unused then the 1 additional week is 33% (satisfies maximum half condition). This is why A is a MBT (she must have taken 2 weeks off, which also includes the possibility of taking 3 weeks off).

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    Someone asked this question a few weeks ago and I posted my response there! If you're still unclear let me know!

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    Thank you for the reply! @taggarnk @"Law and Yoda"

    I think I figured out where I went wrong. Let's say that in 2019 Jeniffer used up half of her paid vacation (1.5). I thought that the other half automatically rolled over to 2020 (i.e. the other 1.5). However, based on the policy you're only allowed to apply up to half of any vacation time that remained. So if she did use 1.5 in 2019, she would only be able to roll over up to .75 of that vacation time to 2020. Therefore, the only way for her to get that additional week in 2020 is if she didn't use two weeks of her 2019 vacation time. Am I understanding this correctly?

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    @miriaml7 it sounds like your reasoning is sound! In your example you used 1.5 where as I used 1 to rule out the possibility of having less than 2 weeks unused. Either way works!

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    Thank you for the clarification! I need to make sure I'm reading more carefully, because this question killed me lol @taggarnk

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