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Need Advice

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I'm registered to take the October Flex and will probably also sign up for the November test as well. I really want to get in to Boston College, whose 75th percentile for GPA is 3.73 and 25th percentile LSAT is 161. My undergraduate GPA is 3.82 but I am worried about my LSAT score. I have gone through most of the Powerscore Bibles and have only taken 4 PTs but they have all scored in the 150s. Do I have enough time to get my score up to the 160s by October/November? I'm thinking I should review the PS bibles and take a lot more PTs and maybe I could improve? Or should I wait until next year to make sure I get a good score so I have a better chance of getting in? I really don't want to wait 2 years to start law school, but BC is the only school in Massachusetts with the JD/MSW program I want to do so I really need to get in. In the PTs I did do I lost the most points on Reading Comp and Logical Reasoning. Any advice would be very appreciated


  • OldLadyKOldLadyK Alum Member
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    Hi Christina! What is your BR score? The gap between my timed and BR score on my first PT after the CC was 12 points, and after taking a few more I've closed it to 4 points, with steady improvements across the board. I listened to a webinar a few weeks ago that suggested you not take a full PT unless you are certain you have made improvements and will do better than the last taken. If RC and LR are giving you grief, you could practice those sections individually and find a skipping strategy that works best for you. My skipping strategy is super-extreme but I have found the most gains through it for the score I'd like, so you may have try some different tactics to find the best one for you. My improvement has been slower than I anticipated though, and so whether or not you'll be ready in October or November is hard to say since everyone is different. If you're determined to apply this cycle and can afford it, a tutor might be helpful to get you where need to be faster. If you can get a score in the upper 150s range I think it would be worth it to apply and see what happens. Good luck!

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