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Low 160s acheviable for the August test?

I am scoring in the range of 155-159 and my goal is low 160s (160,161,162,163,164) with a month and change left for the test, what is the best approach to take to get those extra points?


  • christinagomez7738christinagomez7738 Alum Member
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    My same problem I keep scoring in 156-low 160s it’s all over that range n I take the test in a week...I want it to be consistent in the low 160s.

    I’ve noticed that reading comp kills my score, I get at least 8 wrong per section :/ don’t know what else I can do at this point.

    What I’ve been doing is just simulating the lsat flex at this point as often as possible and going over what I get wrong. Paying a lot of attention to traps that I end up falling for or am attracted to and building my confidence.

    If anyone has tips I would really like to hear them as well :(

  • legallytiredlegallytired Member
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    hi, depending on how you are in games and if you dont think you have reached the best performance in games, i would focus on drilling and working on doing very well in games because that is the most improvable section and if you are only lacking by a couple questions to reach your goal, and feel that u cant improve elsewhere, games might be the best path to focus on if u dont have much time until ur exam
    but for reading comprehension, what has worked for me is to be interested in the passage and spend more time upfront on it

  • jpgreensteinjpgreenstein Member
    edited August 2020 136 karma

    Yes it is very achievable. Last year I took the Sept 2019 Test (the one with the nasty game section). At that point I had 7 weeks of studying total under my belt and my top score was a 158. Despite getting -11 on games I still pulled off a 160. Anything can happen on test day and you could no doubt be in the zone and score your best. That last week I only did sections and really focused on weakness like certain LR questions and game types.

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