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Use Physical Exams with 7Sage


I'm a new user for 7Sage and I was wondering if I can use the platform with a physical copy (or scanned PDF) of the exam. I understand that LSAT Prep Plus is required in order to have access to the exams, but would it be possible to use 7Sage with physical/PDF versions of the exams instead?

Thank you!


  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
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    You need to have a LSAT Prep Plus to have access to the explanation videos.
    You can score your paper exams on 7sage without an account.
    You can use PDF versions of the exams with 7sage if you have a LSAT Prep Plus account.

  • aash_775aash_775 Member
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    Thank you for your help!

  • hopefullinghopefulling Member
    edited August 2020 905 karma

    @aash_775 Your only option without purchasing LSAC's Prep Plus is to use the site as a free user and enter your physical tests (PDFs or printed) manually - there's a bubble sheet non-digital that seems to be the free user default. That way you can still use the analytics. BUT, you will only have access to the free preview curriculum materials.

    You won't have access to the curriculum without it, if you wanted to signup for either course package (monthly or yearly). If you want to sign-up for either of those, you HAVE to purchase the LSAC Prep Plus.

    Early this year, I'd bought a few of the tests in the 80s online. ... It's also kind-of ironic, because it now makes all of the other LSAC books that are available to buy online (actual books :wink: ) completely obsolete.

  • aash_775aash_775 Member
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    Awesome, thanks so much for the information! Appreciate your help :)

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