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LSAT Writing "Get Acquainted" tool

shannon.wshannon.w Member
in General 18 karma

Hi, everyone. I tried opening the "Get Acquainted With LSAT Writing" tool from my LSAC account. The program started recording me and gave me a "pre-exam advisory" about the exam rules. Does this sound right or did I somehow launch the actual exam?


  • ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
    642 karma

    Literally had the exact same question. Following this.

  • kelly_9876kelly_9876 Core Member
    144 karma

    Yes, that sounds right. I was hesitant once the program prompted the "pre-exam advisory" although once you get to the "writing screen" you will be reassured its just a practice run through. I found it beneficial to go through the additional process because it made me confident my computer has everything set up properly for the actual writing sample and flex.

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