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Advice before November

sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
in General 936 karma

Hi all, i am hoping for some advice as to what i should do the last few months for pt's before the November test. I started studying with 7sage at the end of February and got a diagnostic score of 141. I then went through the CC slowly until the early part of May. I then read the loophole, foolproofed, and worked on sections until July 1st when i took my first timed pt. I have been doing timed pt's since then once a week roughly with thorough review, foolprofing, and timed sections from 1-35 in between each test. My last three scores have been 164, 160, and 160, with BR's 0f 166-170. My concern is I have only done 11 timed pt's so far, 60-70. If i keep up with one a week that will put me at roughly 18 before November. Do you think i should be doing two pt's a week so i can get to around 25 by the time November rolls around? I see a lot of suggestions about having 25-30 timed runs under your belt before the real thing. On the flip side, if i do not score how i want in November (165+) i may end up delaying a cycle and studying until next summer. I am afraid i may not have enough clean pt's to do this if i bump it up to two a week in preparation for November. I am not sure what to do and would appreciate any feedback, thank you!


  • OldLadyKOldLadyK Alum Member
    edited September 2020 396 karma

    A solid piece of advice I have been sticking to is that you shouldn't do a PT just to do it. You should only do a PT if you are certain you will perform better than the last one you took. I think placing too much stock in the idea of quantity over quality can inhibit improvement, though I'm aware there is a lot of advice out there to the contrary. I would suggest sticking to one per week with thorough BRs while addressing and drilling weak points, and once you're scoring where you want you can bump up to two per week for stamina, if needed. Good luck and I'm sure you'll kill it!

  • sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
    936 karma

    @OldLadyK thanks for the response and great advice! You are right about the quality over quantity idea. I think i will stick with 1 a week, thanks!

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